Very nice set of up and downhill trails for hiking and tidied up to allow for mountain biking and snowmobiling on wider paths.

Very nice trail ! Please ensure you walk the second loop along the escarpment. Tons of bug. Deer fly and mosquitoes. Spray in not a luxury in mid-July at 28 celcius and humid. Enjoy. Did the full loops and more for a total of 10.55 km.

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21 days ago

28 days ago

Went back to Pretty River Valley this past weekend. This time found a trail south of Pretty River Rd. Lovely ceder forest, but found two illegal fire pits, a lot of garbage and human waste. Yup - right on the trail. Ran into the conservation officer there who told me they were having a lot of trouble with people polluting there. Yeah, no kidding. Posted a picture of a giant mushroom. I've never seen anything like it in my life. Anyway, I don't think this is an official trail, but it's nice as it runs along the river. Heading up river, the trail disappears in some tall grass. Keep going and you'll find another large ceder forest. You'll eventually encounter a very steep hill. Go to the right and you'll find a less steep area by which you can surmount it. There's no trail here, just ceder trees which are far enough apart that you can get by. Very nice area once you get past the aforementioned nastiness.

This trail is absolutely gorgeous. We did the full hike and then some.....because the trail is not clearly marked. Lots of little side trails so bring a map and a GPS. We plan on coming back to do another trek. Just loved this trail.

1 month ago

An amazing area. I've hiked it several times now. A single road runs through the centre, splitting the upper section which contains the main trails pictured here, with the three ponds, and the lower section which has a slow moving river. It also contains several other trails that are not marked here or on the official Bruce Trail map, and can be confusing. But, they make for a fun adventure. Bring a compass if you decide to venture on any of the unmarked trails because you can get turned around.

Nice easy trail with a couple of pretty water views.

Great hike, very picturesque. There is only side of the road parking

3 months ago

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