This is a great trail Highly recommended

Good train covering a nice distance between the Brickworks and Moore Park Ravine, trails connect and give you a nice loop throughout the Ravine, along side the Don Valley, along the edge of the Brickworks and up to Mount Pleasant. Nice stroll and verry pretty populated in Winter so I can only assume it would be more congested. I would take a stroll along this trail again. Great trail for beginners!

This was a pretty good trail, keep in mind this is in winter with feet of snow on the ground, cross-country skiiers were out there. Great for all types, easy trail, well owen in paths and the loop that goes through moore park to the brickworks is a great workout at about 7km.

Fun and adventurous trail!

Pretty busy trail, was under construction when we were there. But definitely beautiful and in a great location!
Not everyone has their dogs leashes, so be cautious of that if trekking with a pooch!

Absolutely loved this trail.
The trail head at Moore Ave is kind of hidden and not signed at all. It's on the south side of the street. Look for the "Mount Pleasant Visitation Centre" sign on the north side of the street as a landmark; trailhead is directly across from there.
This is a great trail! Beautiful wooded area with rivers/creeks and tons of stuff to see and explore with kids. We went with a group of 8 adults and 8 kids (ages 2.5 - 7 yrs old) and this trail was perfect length and difficulty. Bonus is that we went on Sunday so at the exact halfway point, the brickworks farmer's market was happening so you can get delicious food. We stayed there for a while and then just hiked the same trail back. We didn't technically do the "loop" in that sense.
Will do it again!!!!
Oh - I haven't mastered using this app to find my way in trails so i just asked ppl if I was going the right way towards the brickworks.

Nice easy graded loop. The stairway out of the ravine at the end is barred off, I had to wind my way out via going off-road in the cemetery instead.

This is a beautiful well-forested trail that almost makes you forget you are in the city, if it weren't for the sound of traffic. It must be a great location to escape the heat in the summer. If it wasn't for this app, I would have lost the loop. There are many side trails leading off into likely the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Decent waking, Brickworks was the highlight of the trail.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Not very picturesque, but Brickworks is always nice

Monday, February 20, 2017

Very nice short trail from Moore Ave to the Brickworks. Gorgeous colour in the fall.

Thursday, September 29, 2016


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Like this place for walking. Its one the best destination in Toronto.

1 month ago

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