It was mostly packed snow when I went. parking spaces were limited.

Nice trail but share it with too many mosquitoes

First 4 km of the trail was amazing. Gorgeous scenery, lots of beautiful birds and chipmunks. Downside of the trail was the ending, which we had to walk on the road with a child to get back to the car.

The first half of the trail was scenic and I would consider it easy not moderate. The second half was a road which was very disappointing .

As novice hikers, this was our longest attempt. The trail is easy to follow and is mostly well groomed. The only exception is the section from marker U to V to W (I hope I have that right); This section is at the mid-point, the trail leaves the wide flat area and heads into a forested section parts of which were quite wet with some standing water and muddy areas to cross. The terrain is also uneven so watch for exposed roots or rocks. What we didn't anticipate was the sheer number of aggressive mosquitoes. we were using bug repellent but it only slowed them down. Otherwise this is a good trail.

Nice flat trail. A bit swampy in the spring.

My favourite of the NCC trails in east Ottawa. Begin the hike at P20 and follow trail 51 (which is made up of 3 connected loops). The trail has a good diversity of trees with unique groupings throughout. The seasonal changes highlight different aspects of the forest - truly beautiful at any time of year.

10 months ago