Nice hike out today in the fresh snow. Easy trail for the most part, very well marked. It was our first time and we worried heading out that with the snow, way finding might be a challenge, but it is a very wide track most of the way up with signage all the way. Lots of interpretive signage as well if that's your cup of tea. It looks like the main trail continues after the cutoff for the summit, we followed it for a bit, but there wasn't any way finding in that section and with the snow it was hard to tell if were still on track. That section might be clearer in the summer.

The water fall on the right side going up is worth a side trip and a few minutes. The summit is quite nice with the highest views in the county to be had. Dog friendly. Nice outing, recommended.

Beautiful trail. Easy hiking until you reach the base of Blueberry Mountain. While steep, it’s quite short to reach the summit. It’s definitely worth getting to the top.

Absolutely beautiful. To get up the last bit of the mountain was quite difficult as there was no clear trail laid out. Otherwise, worth every bit of it

1 month ago

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

It's an easy but nice trail that is basically split in two. One section is wonderful old growth forest with Barred owls that hugs along meadows that are the hunting grounds for Red-shouldered hawks. The second half is a tree farm that is somewhat grown up but provides for wonderful pictures in the winter after a fresh snow. Very little traffic means you get the whole place to yourself on most days.