Trail started out nice on top of the escarpment , some nice views . As it got into the city the local riffraff was out in force damaging the trail and spray painting everything . A couple punks wanted to get into it with us , they ran off . The million dollar bridge over the QEW highway is interesting . This trail fell short of expectations . Be prepared on this one !!

Walked north half of the trail. Nice and fairly easy trail with few neat side trails to explore along the way. The trail is paved for a big part of it.

it was a bit confusing and we ended up following the Brice Trail and had to cross the golf course to get back on track. Still, it was beautiful. Some hills. I would say not easy - maybe moderate. Suggestion - change type of trail to a "point to point" trail, as there are major access points along the trail

it was kind of confusing and we ended up walking off the trail and going on a golf course.We eventually found the way... It was beautiful. Some hills. I would say not easy but not hard.

great range of hikes available and generally pretty quiet

Turns out the photos I uploaded are not from this trail but Bruce Trail in Hamilton, sorry guys

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