My favourite trail to run and hike in the area. Well groomed for the most part with some wildlife perks every so often.

Lovely trail! As others have mentioned, the down side is the long walk through the suburbs, back to the parking. We have done it two other ways: one where we turn around after an hour or so to walk back through the forest, the other where we have left our bikes at the other end to bike back to the car. Both worked great!

Great trail, maybe my new favorite in london. Well kept trail. However there is no designated parking, and the long walk back to my vehicle. Will hike here again

Very nice trail. Width of the trail varies greatly, but elevation changes keep the trail very refreshing.

Lovely trail. Very shaded. Easy except does have quite a few hills. I did what one other reviewer said, which was turn around when the trail popped out of the woods. Make for just over 12km, took about 3 hours.

Great trail. Only sad part was the long walk back to my car!

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3 months ago

Say a couple coyotes in there today but otherwise it's beautiful,

Amazing trail. So beautiful and peaceful, highly recommend!

First time for my Golden and I. Great trail. Friendly people and friendly dogs. Wish I had this app and iPhone with me!

Great trail in the North end of the city. There is some mud & a bit of brush covering the path, but considering this was the first nice weekend of the year it was phenomenal! We saw some others on the trail, but unfortunately not much wildlife this time around

We love this beautiful trail beside the river and can’t wait to see it change with seasons. The only disappointment is the final kilometre through the neighbourhood on the sidewalk. Next time, we’ll turn around at 5 km and head back the way we came for a 10 km hike. Other than that, it’s perfect!

Fantastic trail along the river for all season hiking. I see deer quite often, and it's usually not too busy. It's a nice hidden gem in London!

Nice trail along the river. Wouldn't recommend taking a small dog as there are coyotes (any time of day)

Dears are often running around in the woods.

Very nice hike, not very challenging.

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