Thursday, October 31, 2013

The white trail is a favourite of mine and deserves to be more popular - I've hiked some segments of the white trail more often than any other in the area. Anyone who has already hiked the nearby Maple Bush trail and has enjoyed it, should hike this one also. The section that runs north from the conservation road parking area (in the middle of the wildlife area) is the best, in my opinion. This is a good trail for nature lovers because it is "birdy" (in other words, has more birds than most) and runs through just about every natural habitat in the area.
The best thing about the white trail is that it connects with an unnamed and formerly maintained trail that runs through a wonderful tract of mature, closed-canopy forest of Maple, Beach, Ash, Cherry and Hickory trees. If you hike north from the Conservation Road parking area (parking area 40589) for about 800 metres, you'll find (at the end of a field) that the trail takes a sharp 90-degree turn to the left (west). Instead of following the white trail, proceed straight ahead, into the mature forested area. At the point where the mature forest ends, when you enter a low, wet area, you are now following a canal (out of sight on your right) and this stretch of trail (because it is no longer maintained there are waterlogged areas and branches occasionally blocking the trail. But the area is very rich in wildlife. The trail ends at Summerhill road.
This is the one trail in the wildlife area (I've hiked all of them) where rubber boots are almost essential at almost any time of year. There's a section of the White Trail near the Wildlife Line parking area (number 81044) that is permanently waterlogged.
This is a great trail, it's highly recommended. There's a very steep section in the middle of the trail halfway between Wildlife Line and Conservation Road. Don't forget those rubber boots and your childlike sense of wonder.
This trail is rarely hiked outside of the hunting season. There's a large horse event in the middle of the summer (July or August) so there could be horses in the area.

Monday, September 05, 2016