Really great hike; very scenic; not exactly "easy", lots of up and down hills... overall a very good experience...

Absolutely NOT lightly trafficked. We encountered countless hikers and dogs on our Saturday morning hike (8am start) and some large groups of 20+ people. Very hilly, with multiple steep inclines. Beautiful scenery and a good work out if you're looking for a moderately difficult hike. Nice hike overall but would probably avoid this place on the weekend as it seems to get extremely busy.

6 months ago

Good hilly walking trail for families. Had a little brook half way through and an old abandoned Chevy to add some interest.

10KM combined Bruce Trail and Tom East Side Trail inside Hockley Valley Park. You can include another side trail to make the distance a little bit longer. Nice view, a few streams and bridges. Hills!

A relatively popular place for hikers. No washrooms here. But it's free entry and free parking!

Well maintained, a little hilly which was nice.

February 3rd and 12C! The trail was extremely icy but my Yak Traks did an incredible job. The river was moving fast but there was zero wildlife. Not even a crow! Nice walk with my dog though.