excellent trail for beginners to intermediates. there are some hills but nothing challenging for families with small kids. Those with tots may find it a bit more difficult. I only went during the winter and there was a fresh blanket of light fluffy snow. I was carrying my two year old in a child carrying backpack. by the end of the hour we were out there I was tired and legs were feeling quite jelly-ish. I highly recommend this trail. I will be back during all season.

This review is just about the portion of the reserve that my family did: white pine way.

My family didn't get a chance to walk the full white pine way trail (it was snowing too much!) but what we saw, we liked: a very clearly marked trail leading through mixed forest. The trail appears very lightly used in the winter - I'm sure we were the only ones who used it that day! That made for one problem - fairly deep snow on the trail as no one has walked on it to pack it down. This looks like a perfect place to try snowshoes.

Monday, July 04, 2016