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The trail was really nice seen deer in 3 seperate spots. The ticks on the other hand were hungry I got bit twice and took 8 off the dog just crawling not latched on. Still good times

17 days ago

it was a very fun trail. you never saw the same sort of area twice. from rock cliffs to crossing swamps on large logs. I will definitely be going back!

This was a phenomenal trail. Ups, downs, mud, rocks, streams, waterfalls. It has it all! I wore my Fitbit and from the trail entrance where I parked my car it’s actually just over 15km to do the trail TO the loop and back. My only complaint is that sometimes you get arrow after arrow after arrow and sometimes you really have to search where your going. But now that I’ve done it once it should be easier to navigate a second time.

I’ll be back for sure! Highly recommend for people looking for a good, tougher trail to walk.

This is my favourite hike to do at Frontenac. Particularly Tetsmine but adding Hemlock last fall was amazing. Hemlock had the best fall colours of any of my hikes last year. There's a spot where you see across the lake and you walk alongside it for a while and it was simply breathtaking with the beauty of fall.

Tetsmine is my favourite Frontenac trail because it has so much to see and its very balanced. There are several "wow" moments and they are evenly spread out. There are mines, waterfalls, a gorge, this beautiful meadow lined with mica bits (when the sun shines it looks like you are walking on golden pathways in a meadow - amazing!) when the water level is high there's even an infinity pond. This trail is awesome and its a challenging hike but we'll worth the effort and the extra drive to the far parking lot.

This is great to add to the Doe Lake loop to make it worth the trip to the park. It's a nice hike on the one side and on the other it's all boardwalks along a marshy area. It can be really nice when the bugs aren't so bad. Late fall was lovely last year for this one.

For a 3.5km trail this one is excellent! It provides many ups and downs for a slightly more challenging walk in the woods, some great lookout spots, and begins right at the park office. It's great to have a trail this beautiful that can be done in under an hour.

This one is quite spectacular in the fall. There are some amazing spots where you can watch the leaves fall like rain or walk through a rainbow of trees. so beautiful! It's not the most challenging of hikes - it's one of the easier Frontenac trails for this distance but still has difficult moments. It's great that if you don't have time for the full trail you can cut off 3km and do Bufflehead instead. Also lovely.

Beautiful series of interconnected loops. Passes over a variety of scenery and includes some impressive view points and abandoned mines. Campsite 10 is very nice.

1 month ago

Went for a hike and overnight stay. Got to Park at 9am on Saturday and left on Sunday morning. We did 8Km on Saturday and camped at site 6a. Took about 3.5hrs but that time included :30min lunch stop and we went off track to check out a lookout point. On Sunday we did the rest a 4.2Km trek that took us back to the parking lot at Big Salmon Parking. That took us 1.5Km but we didn’t stop and did great time. There are quite a bit of marshy areas to get by but there’s was always a way to get around it with no issues. Lots of uphill and downhill areas durning the hike. You could also park at the park store and start hike from there but that’s another hour to your trek. We parked at Big Salmon parking to avoid the extra distance hiking.

Challenging trail, with lots of scenic views, waterfalls, and beaver dams to look at. We saw quite a few snakes, a beaver, a white tail deer and a painted turtle. The trail is rather buggy when it dips down between rock cuts. Lots of elevation changes, a total of 89 flights climbed as per my Health iPhone app. The dogs really enjoyed this trail as there were lots of areas to cool off in the water.

2 months ago

Fun trail. Lots of wooden walk ways over small rivers, ponds and even a waterfall. Lots of fun for the dogs!

2 months ago

Love this trail. Great for a day hike but offers more challenging conditions than your average walking trail in the province. Wish I could find more trails like this one (outside of Frontenac Park)

4 months ago

One of my favourite places for a quick snowshoe. Beautiful scenery!

Completed the loop in October...while camping in the park. Wonderful fall colours well marked trails..definitely will do again in the near future

A beautiful area, with well maintained boardwalks and clear trail markings. There are many hiking loops to choose from in the park, so the length of hike can be customized to some degree. The landscape is mildly rugged Canada shield with many small lakes and ponds. Some areas were a little soft without being muddy, but it has been a wet year. There are pit toilets available at campsites scattered throughout the park.

8 months ago

Lots of trails to customize your day or days. Well maintained and very clean.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Beautiful little trail. A good chunk of it is board walks, so it is a fairly easy hike. Also easily accessible in the winter for snow-shoeing

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Beautiful hike. Make sure to grab a trail guide to learn about the interesting geological history of the area as you go!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Beautiful trail, pretty moderate difficulty.
I'll definitely be back

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

This is such a great trail with many interesting views along the way. There is also a mine entrance you can look down. It is pretty challenging in winter time especially with two little kids but it was a great adventure.

Monday, June 15, 2015

This trail is inside of Frontenac Provincial Park. You will need to buy a parking pass from the visitors center which costs $14.00. They take interac and credit card so if you don't have cash on hand that is no problem. There are other trails to choose from as well.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

It's a challenging trail, featuring easy to moderate terrain. Can be muddy in early spring. Takes another 2km to get to the trail from the park office. A nice trail featuring a few smaller lakes, rocky terrain in some areas, a few beaver dams and plenty of creeks and bridges.

11 days ago

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