Beautiful trail, rolling hills, huge pond with frogs and at the end of the trail we did a beautiful waterfall. I would say it was a difficult hike about 2.5 hours to the falls and back. Well worth it!

I would mark this trail as easy. Trail head is easily accessible with a big paid-parking lot. 1st half of the trail is fairly busy, rolling meadows, with lots of weekend-warriors. Once you get past the beginning half the crowds die down a bit and it's easy wooded trails with shady cover. Lots of opportunity to extend the hike with side trails. Keep an eye on where you're going as you may not notice and end up on a side-trail.

Small beach at the end, probably wouldn't swim in there..

Some beautiful trails and a nice waterfall to stop at for lunch, or spend the day by the lake.

The Dominion Trail leading to the falls was a nice hike. The falls are blocked off now, sadly. Trails need better markers for North, south, etc. I trekked almost the entire area as the north west side of the Bruce trail was also closed off. Enjoyed my day despite the rain!

it's a lovely trail. lots of intersecting trails so it's important to pay attention to where you are going. there's a lot of flat ground but the hike to the falls is steep and quite the workout. it gets slippery in wet weather. The falls are closed off and the trail doesn't loop around so it's a one way walk to the falls and back. it's beautiful and scenic with access to the river at various points. it's one of my favourite places to hike.

A great trail system, vert enjoyable.
Bruce Trail certainly an easy trail, Dominion has several steep inclines, water poles and steps. 20 seconds after reading the ‘no mountain biking’ sign, a guy went by on one. Very easy loop system to contend with, relatively quiet, with some out enjoying a hike, and then the odd walker going by in their Levi’s and fashion trainers. The coordinates when you click ‘Directions’ on this app takes you to the entrance on Dominion Street, which requires you to park on the main street and then walk across the bridge and onto Dominion, to the beginning of the trail.

It's a pretty good trail. Not super difficult, but it could be marked a bit better. There are lots of intersections which gets a little confusing.

really nice trail, I recommend going in the fall!!

A little too busy for me at 10:20 am and very steep up hills. Parking is very limited as well, and no benches by the parking to eat lunch.

Interesting trail and an enjoyable hike.

Some things worth noting:

The main user access point is via the access road at the NE corner. There's absolutely no parking at the indicated point on the map.

There's a fair amount of poison ivy along the trail margins. Make sure you can recognize it before setting out.

There's a break in the trail at the NW corner, at the falls. It looks like the trail got washed out. There are fences to stop people going past this point although the fences are easily negotiated and the trail's really not too bad if you're careful.

I have been hiking this trail since I was 14 years old there are all kinds of secret trails that I love here!!

Was here the weekend of May 25 2017. One of the nicest hikes I've been to in Ontario. The Lilacs added much to the beauty of this trail.

Was here the weekend of May 25 2017. One of the nicest hikes I've been to in Ontario. The Lilacs added much to the beauty of this trail.

Amazing trail, Falls was beautiful but couldn't really see the whole thing as the bridge was being rebuilt. Trail is clean and easy to walk on. Parking was good except it cost $15 for the day and the drive to the parking lot is pot hole city. There are bathrooms half way and benches here and there. We had a great time and would do it again but a different trail.

Great trail, waterfall is nice at the end, worth it to go down by the water

After a walk on a street as no parking at point of departure (park along the river), very nice hike in a forest.

The Bruce and Bruce side trails were the best other than the Trail to the falls. 7 miles with some of the side trails.

Great trail. I definitely recommend the Brimstone side trail at the north end.

One of my favorite trails. But becomes a zoo on fall weekends. Spectacular views and well maintained trail

l loved being able to chill alongst the river. Excited to see the falls next time.

Really awesome trail! You can take a leisurely walk around the lake or you can take a good hike to the falls. Word of advice though, the trail at the falls is closed and does not connect to the loop. It looks like a bridge got destroyed. This is a great trail to take the family or walk the dog. :)

Meadows, hard packed trails, rolling hills, ravine & a waterfall. Can't ask for much more than that!

Beautiful hiking trails that change in elevation and different surfaces. Will keep u busy the whole day.

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