Photos of Ferguson Forest Centre Hiking Trails

12 days ago

My daughter, wife and I enjoyed a winter walk on the Alf Campbell trail. Even though it was a sunny-ish morning and the trail is right next to Kemptville we didn't encounter another person until the very end of the route. It is a very flat trail. There is lots of clear signage - almost too much signage! The trail crosses over a forest road and combines or crosses over various other trails (maple trail, link trail, settler trail) at a couple of points. But still it was pretty straight forward. The parts of the trail that are near the maple trail are near the road so you hear cars. But for most of the trail its just you and the forest. I like a bit more rocks and features on my trails which is why I only give 3 stars but if you just want a quiet walk this trail is great. One thing I was confused about: can this trail be used for cross country skiing? At a couple of points I saw cross country ski tracks but it wasn't well groomed. So I'm not sure. It would be nice if the people who maintained the trail clarified that.