Great trail for single file walking not great if you have a few dogs

5 months ago

Yes a nice hike around a man made reservoir . This is one of the free hikes from Kettle Creek Conservation . Many spots you need a permit to hike into . It would have been nice if the north section was open . I found out later they didn't have enough money to keep the trail clear . It's not in the budget until autumn 2017 . When reopened you can make your way up to the Dan Patterson place . I guess we will be back in the fall of 2017 , see you there !!

Was a really good hike! Think we went the wrong way as we went around from the parking spot not across the road like I think it should be. Got a touch lost coming back and ended up in the campground. Saw tons of wild life though! Blue Herring, turtles, stepped on a snake, lots of bugs and snails. Made for a good afternoon.

Great Mothers day hike.
Harder then expected, but that is a nice change from other hikes in the area.
Can definitely be muddy in spots.

2 months ago

Friday, June 10, 2016