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Fun hike over Thanksgiving weekend!

We were camping at Charleston Lake Campground (highly recommend) when we decided to do this trail - it was AMAZING! Lots of beautiful forest and rocks and water on the way up, and at the top there's an absolutely breathtaking Lookout/view of the bay! It was definitely a moderate-difficult hike, but well worth it. :)

We were camping at Charleston Lake Campground (highly recommend btw) and did this trail - it was awesome! Lots of beautiful forest and rocks. Well signed. Lovely trail :)

4 months ago

Trail was well marked and easy to follow, even with all the ups and downs. We took the east trail, going towards Slim Bay Bridge, and what we observed this was the easier direction around the loop, and greatly suggest it.

5 months ago

Nice trail - lots of different terrain with several interesting look off points. Quite a bit of elevation gained and lost so a good workout over the distance. It would be very buggy in the warmer weather - some real swamp areas to traverse. A couple of good places to go swimming if you're inclined - bring a suit, not private enough to skinny dip :(

Met a 6' long Black Rat snake en route as well as an unaccommodating porcupine. We diverted off the trail for him.

Trail is well maintained and marked but it is narrow in places and a bit treacherous with rocks and roots. I recommend proper footwear and sufficient fitness.

Current (2017 Fenix 5 Sapphire) GPS technology put this at 11.2 km and 341m elevation gained for what that's worth.

Downside is area is frequented by motorboats so it can be noisy.

We stopped a few times and diverted to Slim Bay picnic site for a break - all in,

Just spoke to Park staff and trail is now reopened to Tallow Rock. Bridge repaired.

Beautiful! Pay per car to get in but if you do more than one trail it's worth it!

14.50 per person to use park.

trail closed. $14.50 per person to hike.

14.50 per person to use park

6 months ago

Bridge was removed so trail was closed July 23rd 2017. You could cross with a canoe and do the hike. This trail is part of Ontario Provincial Park so 14.50$ day pass fee is needed unless you camp at the campground.

7 months ago

A nice trail, with interpretative panels about the animals that live in the woods (we didn't see any unfortunately!) and the trees that grow here. I like how the woods seem fairly mature with not too much scrubby undergrowth at first and then you move into a different area with grass growing between the trees. Pretty and good for kids. Watch out for bugs though!

My family and I really like this trail. Lots of nice Canadian shield, walking through rocks and over roots, nice views and the ground has a soft spongy feel from all the needles and moss. Great for kids and really close to the campsites.

7 months ago

Good trail. took me about 4 1/2hours to complete.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

There are some beautiful lookouts over the lake and some interesting rock formations. Get the trail guide as this trail holds lots of history. I would say this trail is moderate not easy.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Went through this hiking trail as one of my first hikes. Nice trail with some inclines and declines in the pathway. Mosquitos were everywhere though which made it less enjoyable. Wouldn't recommend taking pets or elderly parents with you.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Great snowshoeing trail, lots of ups and downs for a great workout and nice views of the lake!

One of my favorite local trails -- 10km loop through Canadian shield. Climbs and plunges through mixed forest, along cliff-sides, down to lake sides, in and around beaver ponds, over exposed granite, etc. Fantastic lookouts, quiet wilderness camping.

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