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1 day ago

Trail was nicely kept and quiet. Lots of mosquitos when I went so be sure to bring some big spray. It blew my mind that there was snails on the trail. Why aren’t you in the ocean little guys? Where do you get those hard shells? I was hoping to see some Turtles. It wasn’t promoted or advertised as a turtle hike but turtles are the best. That’s why this only got a four out of five star review. Other than that it was a great hike.

lots of ticks around here. not sure if this is normal but I won't be back.

be prepared to be charged $10 for your car AND $5 per person to hike here. been here without that astronomical price and it's not worth it, honestly. if it were a hike that would take hours I'd reconsider.

over grown
13 days ago

Trail was closed only a little ways in. first section is just walking on a footpath down the side of the road. no fence or guardrail on the cliff side so I was worried about my dogs falling off the side of the cliff. couldn't see the falls at all before the closure sign.

16 days ago

Start off in the parking lot and head around the falls and onto the road for a short period. Due to vegetation it’s hard to see it in all its glory. If you continue on the trail past the falls a down some treacherous stairs and steep slopes you will come upon a small bridge with a cascade below it. Awesome hike . Hard trip back for everyone but my 11 yr old daughter who was leading the pack the entire way. Really challenging yet fun hike

22 days ago

Started at Cascade Park..quite the climb up but lots of fun. Very busy on a holiday but a lot of friendly people.

beautiful in June!!

1 month ago

We enjoyed this trial however some parts were closed and some of it is still muddy but it’s not bad. I wouldn’t recommend this trail for kids under the age of 6 as much of the trail is along a very steep edge however the trial itself is wide so it can be safe if you’re not chasing a toddler.

Well, did the ray side trail to bulls point trail. Did the marsh walk trail. It’s unfortunate how much damage there is from floods. The board walk to the lookout point is signed up at your own risk. You can’t really tell if you dare go past the flooded part if there is a full board walk or if it will actually hold you. We just sat at the bench and admired its beauty. So peaceful even if you can hear 5-6 canoes in the distance. Chipmunks Running around so cute. We kept walking to captain cootes trail. The water so high half way up trees that stood nice and tall. So, sad to see. Got to the bridge also flooded. Felt bad about it. Took photos and left. No point getting dirty and wet not knowing if the bridge under the water was safe or not to walk on. In the end we did 5km slow and sat on tree trunks and the bench. And took a nice break at the lookout with such strong breeze. Beautiful morning hike. And went for lunch.

Easy going trail, a few roots and rocks. There were a few places where it was single track but mostly wide and flat.

It's a excellent trail with rolling hills and scenic woodlands. Rainfall made some trails muddy but that's part of the fun. Beautiful waterfalls and fast running streams made for a interesting day trip

1 month ago

The fall itself is the prettiest part of this wilderness. The hike is pretty simple with a taste of wilderness, ideal for those who are looking to take it easy!

easy. well groomed. I did get a tick bite this week (and a tick on the outside of my pants too) so definitely bring tweezers in addition to long so ka and pants.

nice scenic view, go early morning and enjoyyyyy the serenity!!

3 months ago

Great trail. Lots of secluded areas and amazing scenic views. Lots of waterfall and creek views. Recommend going earlier in the day and weekdays to avoid crowds.

3 months ago

Great trail for families. Easy and beautiful views! :)

trail running
3 months ago

Nice trail but it’s just become so overcrowded with tourists it’s tricky on a weekend . Go early or weekdays for peace

It was a nice quiet trail with, descent points of interest.

Great trail - nice and wide along escarpment

Trail at bottom of stairs has been closed. Loop does not exist. Great hike to bottom of stairs and then back - in an out.

Moderate hike. First portion is quite easy going. The deeper you get the steeper it can be. Lovely views of the escarpment.

9 months ago

Perfectly nice trail. Easy going. Nice views out towards Hamilton. Ending was a little disappointing, you end up on top of the falls rather than below them and theres no really good view down. Enjoyed the walk though.

Trail doesn’t exist at the end of the loop. Tried to follow it on the map which said we were on the trail but it wasn’t there. Wouldn’t recommend the loop to anyone! But going one way to the stairs down the cliff then turning back would be a nice hike

Monday, April 23, 2018

Nice trail, not overcrowded like other similar ones nearby, rewarding views over Hamilton & Dundas, culminating in lovely waterfalls.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Well kept trail with nice views. The waterfall is nice as well.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Gorgeous trail! Beautiful views walking along the escarpment and the waterfall is breathtaking. Will be back:)

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