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My favourite trail. Short and sweet.

Easy walk through the forest, but not much scenery.

Beautiful view, but not a challenging hike to really call it “moderate”. Trail is wide, clear, and well-managed. No toilet, so be sure to use the facilities before setting out.

Trail is well maintained and well marked easy to navigate. Some of the wood bridges need to be rebuilt. Views were ok, spent all of the second day in thick brush/vegetation. Campsites are dated and could use a revamp, most do not have anywhere to sit or a proper fire pit. It was a fun and challenging trail but I doubt I'll do it again.

Nice easy hike!

Great winter trail, especially if you're looking for something flat and relatively quick. Did the entire thing with my dog in March in half an hour.

Beautiful in the winter! Hiked this trail with my dog at sunrise at the end of March, right after a fresh snowfall, and it was absolutely stunning! The views are great, and the trail is relatively easy and takes no more than an hour with slight elevation changes and easy footing throughout. Very dog friendly!

So I did this hike back on March 10, 2018 with my dog. It is an absolutely stunning trail, with several waterfalls. I would highly recommend it, and would definitely do it again! The entire thing took me about 3.5 hours, including a few breaks.
Advice for winter: this trail was CRAZY icy. I love to hike in solitude, and I went first thing in the morning in winter, so it was totally isolated with nobody else around. But there are several inclines along the trail that, with the snow having melted and re-frozen, were basically giant slides. Luckily nobody was around to watch me grabbing on to tree limbs for support! If you take this trail in the winter, be prepared for ice!

18 days ago

A short climb reveals breathtaking views of the Barron Canyon. Most of the short hike is along the clifftop with lots of spots to sit for awhile and enjoy the view!

Loved the trail but watch your footing there’s a lot of rocky steep ups and downs it ended up pouring rain the first night and second day but trail is well drained so wasn’t bad at all but when the weather was warm enough we went swimming in the lake by campsite and in the waterfall all in all we had really good time and would recommend

Beautiful view

19 days ago

one of my favorite, shorter trails in the park. the lookouts provide nice views and an abundance of rocks and roots to climb around or sit and relax.

Ok. Beautiful forest scenery, but misnamed, as there isn’t much in the way of rapids. Or whisky ;) More mosquitos than a typical wooded hike.

21 days ago

A lovely trail with some steeper ups/downs but mostly rocky and roots. A note - that the AllTrails red line is a little incorrect near the trail head where is suggests following the Minnesoing bike trail for 1km then cutting into the first loop. There is no trail there, instead follow the very well marked signs and go to the junction from the path in, where the first loop meets. Th map has this as dotted “other” trails and it’s super clear. The best places for lunch/views are on the north side of Provoking.

22 days ago

Great trail for a day hike with beautiful scenery.
must have: good hiking boots, comfortable backpack, plenty of water and food. My hiking boots were good but not THAT good, near the end of the 10km my feet were a little tender.
I definitely recommend this trail as a Medium in difficulty.

23 days ago

LOVED this trail!!! Just came back from a solo trek along Highland Backpacking Trail ... Technically challenging trail with many hills, rocks, streams, roots; beautiful campsites along Head Lake and Harness Lake! Provoking Lake has some great campsites as well (a few more sites and seems a bit busier... sound does travel! But far less noise than staying in a typical campground!) ... overall I had an amazing experience hiking the two-day trek along this trail! It was well marked, and almost no bugs at this time of year! (The only section where I noticed any bugs at all was the area of the trail near Mosquito Lake... possibly where the name comes from??)
Definitely recommend this trail to anyone seeking a good technically challenging multi-day hike! This trail is also great for first time multi-day hikers because it is well marked with boardwalks to help cross the muddy sections, and even at a slower pace you can get to a campsite on Head Lake by mid afternoon (or just stick to the first loop around Provoking Lake!)

24 days ago

This trail has beautiful look out spots.
The terrain is extremely difficult, lots of long, steep inclines. Bring lots of water and snacks. It took us a little over 4 hours to complete with few stops.

28 days ago

Nice trail around Lake. Fairly easy terrain.

29 days ago

Awesome trail. I went with my parents (64years old) and it took us 6 hours to complete. The trail was slippy because of dramatic rainfall and we did stop and rest a lot.
My mom regretted the trail, I would do it again. Lovely views, it had all I wished for!

on Mizzy Lake Trail

1 month ago

Easy trail, and very nice. started out mid morning and it was not busy. I enjoyed the quiet peaceful hike

Great for families! Shaded in most areas, beautiful scenery, blueberry fields. Perfect.

1 month ago

Amazing and beautiful views. The trail is well marked. It will be a challenging hike for some as you must go up and down hills. It's rewarding and would love to do it again in the fall.

Nice trail, easy enough for kids, and yeah, those big pines are a sight to see!

Feels longer than 2.3 km, can be a climb at some times. Very picturesque and relaxing.

Great trail. Lots to see

It's a nice easy walk for all, nice one to finish the day of longer hiking. The beaver dam is quite neat and worth the visit! Mostly in the shade and doable without hiking shoes. Enjoy!!! :)

1 month ago

Not a bad hike but large volumes of people on it when we went. A couple very good viewpoints after many stairs.

Great hike, make sure to bring lots of water if done in the hotter months. Amazing views from the ridges. Would recommend doing the hike in the fall during the color change.

We hiked this trail with family and friends (kids ages 7-15); the long hill heading up was a nice climb, not too technical; the view at the top was beautiful! We sat along the ridge and enjoyed the view for a while before completing the trail back down; the entire hike was approx one hour (great length for the younger ones!)

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