Photos of West Dover Provincial Park Trails

28 days ago

Beautiful hike only minutes away from Peggy’s Cove. Only room for parking 4-5 cars and the trail isn’t marked from the road. You just have to look where there’s other cars pulled off to know where it is. Otherwise you can park along the road if the small pull-off is full. Parts of the trail are sometimes muddy - chose footwear appropriately. In the summer this trail is extremely busy with both tourists and locals alike. Note: inland the temperature will be 10 degrees warmer than the Peggy’s Cove area (typically anyway). It would be good to check the weather and wind speeds before you head down to this trail. There are lots of good places to have a picnic on this trail. There are also remnants of war bunkers to take a look at. The trail has several off trails and you could explore for ever. This trail is directly on the ocean. Best day to do this trail is on a sunny day, as you will get the most beautiful green-blue reflections from the water in any pictures you take. There are extremely steep parts and scaling up and down some large rocks. Do not wear sandals like some unknowing people do. Also... don’t be one of those people to go down on the black rocks...unless you want to die of course. This doesn’t just apply to Peggy’s Cove.. anywhere along the ocean. These rocks mean a wave can come out of nowhere and sweep you under and take you out in a rip tide. Do not let your kids or animals attempt to swim here either. The trail is good to hike with dogs on but there maybe be parts you need to help them along with (or turn and go back the way you came). This is a trail I would do more than once for sure.