Not long, but not an easy hike, along a rock-strewn path (the Admiral Lake loop), up and down a ridge. The path to and from the loop is wide, flat and gravelled; pleasant enough if you have children or aren't in the best of shape.

6 months ago

Great hike, not far from the city. Once on the trail it's well marked. However there comes a point in the beginning with a fork in the road that isn't well marked.

Rail Trail is quite level and well defined. The Admiral's Loop is also relatively easy to follow, at least the trail with the yellow markers. The views are spectacular and well worth the effort to get there. It is however a rigorous hike not meant for anyone not in decent shape. Take plenty of water and pictures. Took approximately 5.5 hours including walk from parking lot and back.

The Admiral Lake Loop was a great hike, it's very rough natural terrain, every vista was beautiful. Took us about 4 hours to complete it, I cannot wait to go again.

2 years ago

This trail is amazing I hike it once every year since I was just a kid there is a loop that takes you the hole day to complete and there is another one that it for overnight campers love love love this trail and can't get enough of it

great trail, with beautiful look offs. there is a main path that connects 3 different loop trails. the main path is great for biking and has spots to lock you bike up in front of the trails. as someone said before this trail is not for beginners or kids.

Really nice trail with great views. Nice spot to picnic with tables and bench near a lake. May not want to take really young kids to the look-offs! Great trail!!

Great hike. Not for beginners.