Not a great hiking trail more for biking.

Beautiful awesome trail perfect for everyone all year round. It's part of the Rails To Trails program here in Nova Scotia and it is part of the Trans Canada Trail. Further out from the city neat Timberlea this trail will take you to the trail head of the Bluff Wilderness Trail which is an awesome trail of several loops for experienced hikers! BLT is one of my favourites!! :)

Nice walk through the woods and near the lake but way too many dogs and their "droppings". Not all owners pick up after their dog and ruins it for everyone else. Won't walk that trail with my kids again! :(

road biking
4 years ago

Longest trail system in the area. Linear. Great for biking. Converted railway.

Probably the most popular spot in the city to walk the dog, but a great place for anyone to go on a small adventure.

mountain biking
4 years ago