Completed the Devils Bend portion of the trail. We did the return trip from Economy Falls. This trail is for the physically fit and to be taken seriously. There are lots of up and downs with fantastic scenery. there are also some interesting rock formations. It is really neat trail. Bring lots of water and some snacks. Enjoy.

In early June... hard to enjoy the scenery through the cloud of bugs. Some trees down across the trail made for a difficult time accessing Murphy Brook campsite. May have had a better time in the Fall.

Completed this hike just two days after a tropical storm hit the area. Completed the hike in a clockwise direction. First day involved rapidly changing elevations, several fording opportunities and a very wet dog. Camped overnight at Murphy Brook. Second day the morning started off with a few thunderstorms and rain. Hiked the remained of the trail in about 4 hours with 2 more fords. The entire hike was beautiful and had some really beautiful scenery. This hike should be for physically active individuals. I would recommend having at least one person with a decent amount of hiking experience to help guide your group.

Hard trail but well worth it. We did the full kenomee canyon in 8 hrs. Wide range of ecosystems and amazing views. Couple of river crossings so be careful of the time of year so you can pass them.