Beautiful hike with stunning views!!! Terrain can be a bit muddy/soggy so make sure to have good footwear!

4 months ago

Absolutely beautiful hike. You will see waves crashing on the shore, rolling hills, woods, cliffs and even bunkers that were built for WWII. The scenery is breath-taking. Use a little caution and be sure to wear proper hiking shoes as there are a few areas of difficult terrain.

5 months ago

This was a spectacular hike! The view!

Once you get to the abandoned ww2 observation station, you must turn around. There is a 1000 foot long boulder wall beyond, with a number of No Trespass signs. If you stray, you will be on private property and damaging vulnerable flora and interfering with wild life that the owners are feeding and encouraging. Please respect the flora and fauna and turn back to Duncan's Cove. Yuu'll be surprised at the new things you see on the trip back to where you started!