Wish I had read the other reviewers comments prior to leaving on this trip as I struggled to find a route at the tip.

This trail would be much easier to travel in a counter clockwise direction... the trail markers are sporadic blue dots painted on rocks, but are very difficult to spot travelling clockwise.

All in all was a lovely hike, despite the bog being incredibly wet from the rain. I will be trying this one again in the future!

7 months ago

Great loop trail with fantastic atlantic coastal scenery. Trail can become a bit absent in a couple parts, one notably by the large salt water pond near the tip, in which you'll pick up the trail again on the other side by either traversing the rocks on the ocean side or thru the tall grass on the other side of the pond, which could be a bit wet depending on the season. Also if you're doing the trail CCW, the trailhead is not marked with anything but a couple rocks just before it so this is where a previous gps track might help.