It was a great hike but was hard to find. So hard that my group gave up and started going up in the rocks. We hiked about 6 minutes and accidentally stumbled to the entrance! What luck! The trail was well marked and had a shorter and longer loop. (Loop A and B)
This type of hiking is my favourite because there isn’t too much up hill and you need to pay attention to where you are stepping because it’s mostly rock. I like that you have to balance on rocks as you go by.
I would have given this hike a 5 but it was so difficult to find so I give it a 4. Definitely coming back before I leave!

Some swampy areas but most over rocks on generally well marked trail.

this trail got split in half when Ingrahan Trail bypass around Giant Mine was opened, less travelled with local mining history

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday, March 03, 2017