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Such a beautiful view once you get to the cliff! Walking out was a lot easier then coming back! Be away of the lose rocks you walk on and the wildlife! One couple I talked to saw a black bear with 3 cubs! A long hike but worth it for the breathtaking views!

The Wallace Brook portion of the trail looks to be permanently closed (according to Parks Canada website June 2018), but we found the hike from Long Pond down to the seaside to be quite sufficient. It's a moderate to challenging trail, with ever-changing scenery; highly recommend!

the trail was not well kept. nice beautiful views. worth the hike in . good luck on the hike out

BEAUTIFUL views..trail well marked. sometimes a sheep here can be seen. nice beach. can be done as a loop(part of trail is currently not maintained) or an out and back. worth it!!

10 days ago

nice views..easy walk

Easy hike with beautiful falls at the end. Can also be a great place to snowwshoe with a remote cabin available to rent in the winter months

27 days ago

Was pleasantly surprised with this trail. Always ask the locals what their favourite hikes are. Would hike this again in a heartbeat!

1 month ago

Beautiful views and access to the sea make this hike a must-do for anyone looking for a quick hike while staying near Rocky Harbour in Gros Morne

Amazing trail!!!

1 month ago

Fantastic hike, I’ve done it twice now, like others have said be prepared for a gruelling first day while you walk up and out of Western Brook.

Be aware of moose & caribou leads as they’re easily mistaken for trails and can lead you the wrong way.

Camping sites have tent pads and bear boxes for easy storage and comfort.

Map and compass skills are a great asset to have on this hike in case of gps failure. Plus it’s always a good time to dust off the ol’ M&C skills and just use them for a pretty authentic hiking experience.

Absolutely enchanting! Head the weather warning sign at trailhead; hiked in early September and the weather turned quite quickly to thick fog, driving rains, and high winds (~40 mph) at the summit. Visibility was low, but fluorescent trail markers were helpful. Ascent is straight up scree. Wild blueberries, moose, and stunning fjords were worth the effort.

Did an overnight stay from Dec 8th to 9th. The climb was rough; the combination of rock and solid ice doesn’t allow microspikes (they’ll bend on the rock) so I used a chain-like alternative to get up the mountain side. At the summit, the visibility was low with fog and blowing snow, but the guide arrows are enough to get you through. On the first few km down the mountain, there’s almost no sight of the trail with 90+ cm of snow to trek through, so hang on to your gps and break when necessary. It was a grueling hike in winter, but so very worth it! Keep an eye on the weather, and good luck

Spectacular! The effort is strongly rewarded!

The view is amazing all around

well worth the effort to access this trail. the views are breathtaking! the first day is challenging as it is a continuous climb so start early in the day to reach the top with time to set up camp before sun set. this trail is very popular so there are many paths. don't trust someone else's path. follow your GPS and map. the last portion of trail is very popular as you meet up with day hikers summiting gros morne mountain. enjoy bragging to them about your epic trip. you deserve it!

Amazing views. Trail can be quite challenging was very wet and boggy

Amazing but incredibly difficult on the body. A rocky ascend to the top with an amazing view is only about a third of the trek. The hike down the backside and around is the other two. Beautiful scenery that changes as you go. Blueberry bushes for snacking up and down. Recommended start is 10-11 as it takes 6-8 hours.

A beautiful trail with a variety dynamic views along the way. This trail has everything from mountains, cliffs, streams, waterfalls, seastacks and cobblestone shoreline. Make sure to give yourself time to relax and enjoy the beach when you come to the shoreline. The trail is about a 9km return and the park map suggests 3-4hrs to complete.

Great hike through three types of scenery ending in a spectacular view of the coast. We walked down to the shore and along it to a small waterfall peaking out. The hike in was medium but the hike back a little more difficult. We were also treated to a show when a sheep chased down a family if four haha! Highly recommend this hike!

Views at the shoreline are spectacular and it's nice to be able to head down to the water. Don't be surprised if you meet a herd of sheep in the meadows. Really lovely. Downside is you see the road for the first bit of the hike. Distance calculations are a bit weird. It can be anywhere from 9km to double that if you do the loop. We went in July 2017 and a section of the seaside trail and all of Wallace Brook trail were closed. Still worth it.

Beautiful hike. We were up and down in just over 5 hours - didn't rest much at the top because it was chilly and started to rain. Amazing views, especially of 10 mile pond on the back side. Saw a moose and a rock ptarmigan. We wore running shoes - something more substantial would be more comfortable. Lots of rocky terrain. Highly recommended - loved this hike start to finish!

Short hike, beautiful views, windy up top!

11 months ago

Beautiful trail which leads you to a breathtaking shoreline! There are quite a bit of stairs to climb so I was surprised to see it listed as easy; moderate is more appropriate. Take water on a hot day and a hiking stick. We went when it was very foggy but it cleared up at the end!

Very worth it! Took us 7 hours to complete it, exactly 3.5 to reach the summit and 3.5 to loop around and descend. You get a great view before you come down the backside of the mountain and a great view as you climb. The steep loose boulders at the beginning of the climb is not as tough as you would think and most people in my group found that part the easiest of the hike. It is the descent that is the most difficult I found.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Don't be discouraged at the elevation! When you make it through the few brutal miles, you will likely be above the clouds...simply spectacular!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Did this hike along with the North Rim to make it a little longer and glad I did. Very beautiful and rugged landscape. Had to check in at park HQ and get a caribou tracker in case I didn't come back and they would be able to find me. Took a cab to the Western Brook ferry and from there headed north. Spent my first night on the beach and after that all signage disappears so be ready to use GPS and orientation to find your way. There is no real trail and once you get going any sign of footprints or beaten path are intermittent. The bugs can be bad but it's usually windy so that helps keep them off. Water isn't an issue as there are plenty of small ponds along the way. There are a few basic wood platforms to set up a tent with bear bins along the way but honestly you can camp anywhere it's flat. Hiked it in September and really lucked out with the weather. Beautiful mostly untouched wilderness, can't recommend this one enough.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Stunning trail! We were lucky to get sunny weather the whole time. Incredible views. Part of the hike through scree and snow before hitting a false summit and then the true summit (really more of a flat area). The whole trail has interesting things to see, and don't miss out on the fresh spring water at the small lake/pond on the backside of the mountain coming down.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Amazing trail. Sometimes when you get to the top, you are above the clouds

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Amazing views!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Very tough and long. Lots of loose rock to climb up. Great views at the top though. Make sure to bring lots of water and layers.

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