Will take your breath away.
Best to hike early to mid October before the leaves are falling. I would recommend taking the hard trail up and come back the same side but with the easy trail this time. Coming back on the other side will be walking several KM on loose rock on a straight paths with only a 90 degree angle. Difficult on the ankles to come back on that side of the mountain.

Wonderful hike. Moderate difficulty on the hike up but the loop down is very easy and comfortable. Highly recommend. Also the camping lots are huge and beautiful and the lake is amazing.

My boyfriend and I hiked this trail in mid August 2015. I would say this is a moderate difficulty, not hard. The last leg requires a lot of climbing over tall rocks but it was otherwise just a walk up an inclined trail. Highly recommend.

Nice steady climb, the views are superb, well worth the effort!

Love the trails and the view from the top is a reward!! Definitely going back next year!

You don't really got that kind of view in the maritime it was a awesome trail lots of parking spot the trails was awesome and was well indicated !

Great trail! Some of the trail markers aren't as noticeable but otherwise it was fantastic

Monday, July 17, 2017

Great trail. Amazing views. It's a pretty steady incline but not overly difficult. The last 500 m climbs fast and can be a little tough.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

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