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Anyone going July 7/8ish weekend? Just for a car key swap yo get back to entry...?

Great trail with beautiful view of West Hawk lake. The trail is hard. Pleasant views make it worth.

Great place for a short hike. It's very beautiful as well.

This was a great way to spend my Saturday! Definitely not an easy hike - but well worth the gorgeous views! Just keep in mind that there is LOTS of climbing, so wear good shoes and take it slow if your not used to that kind of activity!

Also fell off the trail twice, so I wouldn’t suggest going alone, but as long as your close to the water (not the loop side) you should be fine!

What a great hike! A friend and I did it and even though we couldn’t find the end of the loop (which I am noticing in comments we weren’t the only ones) we had a great day. This hike is challenging and really takes you away from the Manitoba flat land feel - and it’s not that far away from the city!

I wouldn’t recommend going alone unless you are good with navigation just because it is poorly marked and easy to fall off trail.

trail running
15 days ago

ran the first 3km from the south trail head. was very we and muddy at low spots. If that is a concern would avoid until trail dries up. not that after the forest fire the first .5km is tough to navigate but after that is once again normal. few fallen trees blocking the path but not bad


Okay, so a friend and decided to trek the Hunt Lake Trail loop based on recommendations from friends and this app. The main section of the trail up to the shelter is fantastic with great views and terrain. The loop, we learned, is no longer maintained.

We hiked the loop, but I would not recommend it to anyone who is not extremely confident in navigation. The trail is poorly marked making it very difficult to find your way through. Shoutout to the guy who came before us and marked more of the trail, I wish I’d read your comment beforehand. I can’t imagine what it was like before you marked it.

Overall I am very glad we did the old loop, it was fun in its own way and gave some nice scenery.

Gorgeous, did about 9 kms (18 round trip) last summer. Not very well marked you'll have to sometimes search a bit for the guiding Inukshuks. Quite open so bring lots of water and sunscreen. Really lovely, hope to go back this year to check out the rest.

This is my baseline trail, it is the one that I compare all my other trails too. Great scenery, some area pathways allow for some interpretation in picking your route. Well marked trailhead information. Always enjoy this one.

23 days ago

The trail itself is really great, the signs can be a bit misleading though. There is high lake eco cabin signs that’s seem to be the direction to the trail as well. Without the map on this app I would have been lost pretty fast. I find the signs aren’t that helpful.

Once on the trail though it was for sure beautiful and would for sure do it again.

24 days ago

What a rewarding hike! Can be very difficult even for fit bodied people. We almost had to carry one person from group back the last quarter. Maps say in the 12-13km range return. But all of our counters and phones say closer to 20km return. Unreal scenery in all directions. Definitely our most difficult in the province so far with a time of 5.5hrs back to the manitoba/ont welcome centre. Don’t skimp on the supplies. Water, Gatorade, snacks make a world of difference. Would do again in a heartbeat!

Beautiful trail. Lots of birds, animal tracks (deer and canine), and lots of great views. It's very dry, so the rapids are more of a trickle, sadly, and there was evidence of small forest fires on the trail. I had a lot of fun. Some much-needed rain would bring out the vegetation (and mosquitos!)

Great scenery and well labelled!

Great view, beautiful hike. Make sure to bring lots of water and good shoes, there is a lot of muddy spots to cross and water. This hike took us 5 hours in total but we did stop for a 20 min brake. I would definitely come back and do it again!

Nice trail! Well marked. Trailhead was easy to find.

Went with my puppy and my boy on the long route today. Great trail. My dog had trouble on the incline/declines just cuz he’s only got 3 legs and it still is pretty muddy out there, came home with some wet feet. I love this trail regardless though, perfect for anyone who wants a bit of a challenge but doesn’t want to spend a full day on a trail. Awesome views

A nice afternoon walk, shelter at the end on the lake with a fire pit to have lunch. The optional longer loop is a little muddy but not too bad.

Would rate for beginner, not moderate. Trail well marked, small amount of deadfall but still very manageable.

very nice trails! went with the kids, difficult first half with the stroller but was still very fun! had a good work out!

Hallenging hike but well
Worth the effort.

1 month ago

Awesome trail in any season! Very challenging but fun!

2 months ago

Love love love this trail. Making it to the end hut and back is a serious challenge. Took us about 6 hours to complete, which included a swim/lunch break at the end. If you want to do a shorter hike ~3 hours there is a great halfway point with a rock, swimming area and firespot. Pretty difficult terrain, wouldn't want to be walking it in the rain.

2 months ago

Still a little icy and snowy but a beautiful trail. This is our first time on this trail and we loved it. The partially frozen falls are super cool! We did both All Season Loop and Summer Loop extension. Trail is in good shape for this time of year, just watch the ice.

2 months ago

Did this trail 2 years ago and it was beautiful and somewhat difficult but got it done!

2 months ago

Great day and great hike! loved it.

Very nice trail. The bridge was about half way - nice place to stop and enjoy the scenery. Good trail to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors.

Great little trail, very beautiful in winter with fresh snowfall.

This trail is a bit of a hidden gem in Manitoba, and a must do for any serious hiker into multi-day trips. Very interesting topography and scenery that changes throughout. We did this trail in 4 days from North to South and would do it again!

A nice mix of rooty terrain and rock shelves, access to the crisp river in multiple areas. Well marked.

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