wild flowers


4 months ago

it was great. took my parents. was a bit much for my dad (he's 76) but he did it and enjoyed it!

6 months ago

Loved it! I managed to do both loops in 4 hours and it was prefect and challenging for me as someone who doesn't get out much!

It was hard to follow a trail but the experience of being there and taking in the site was worth the trip. Great for a spiritual connection.

It's my favoured trail in MB , ups and downs this trail will make you sweat. From the beautiful view from the lake so mysterious spots this trail will blow your mind!

Good but pretty tiring if you aren't a regular hiker

nature trips
11 months ago

We went today for a hiking and it was still slippery in some parts of the trail.

1 year ago

Awesome place to go with your dog(s) if they like the water. Tough terrain, don't take this trail lightly. Bring water and food, snacks at minimum. WEAR GOOD SHOES!

Beautiful trail with scattered rugged sections and nice scenery.

Beautiful trail on the Canadian Shield. We saw a party of bluejays, many other birds as well. Views we gorgeous, trees have started changing to fall colours.

1 year ago

I did this trail with my mom who wasn't able to finish so I haven't seen it all. The parts I did see were incredibly beautiful and there are lots of interesting things to see. This has been my favourite trail so far.

1 year ago

If the app didn't crash the first time, I would have offered a lengthy review. Don't care to rewrite it.

This is part of the Transcanada Trail. The bridge is an important structural, linking feat for that. I did only a short part of this trail, found accidentally while visiting the Bannock Petraforms. Don't miss that.

3 years ago

This is a great trail with great scenery and some rugged terrain. Still easily manageable for a family hike. We actually had the coordinates for the loop section that veers into Ontario. This section is marked in spots but doesn't seem to be maintained any more. Lots of trees over the trail and grown in in spots. Beautiful with the fall colours!