19 hours ago

The Brule Trail is a favourite of mine in Riding Mountain and is always a go-to hike when I am in the park.

The trail is a loop leading through the peaceful forest to Kinosao Lake. The trail is fairly easy and flat with no elevation gain or uphill sections. Right before reaching the lake, you cross a lovely boardwalk section of the trail, which makes for some beautiful photos.

Kinosao Lake is a gem. In the early morning, the water is so calm and the atmosphere is so serene. You can sometimes hear loons. There is always a canoe laying under a tree at the edge of the water by the dock with paddles and life jackets underneath it, for anyone to take out onto the water. I always love photographing the lake from the dock and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere among nature. There are also great views of the lake (and photo opportunities) right after crossing the boardwalk heading back on the trail, with a bench positioned along the water.

Would highly recommend hiking this trail, especially in the early morning when you will experience the tranquility at the lake. Gorgeous place!