9 days ago

Absolutely beautiful park, the people are friendly and the trails are very well maintained

Peaceful serene natural trail

2 months ago

I quick little trail with decent scenery and lots of wildlife to see, especially when the salmon are spawning in the fall!

A simple and easy to use trail for anyone, just a little on the plain side of things.

Off-leash area is big and a great place for puppy friend play dates.

9 months ago

Nicely shaded and easy terrain, I took my son in a stroller and it was a nice time. Looking forward to another hike soon.

Easy walk,mostly open area.In April and onwards,there is lots to see and it's quite luscious.In August,duck ponds get all dried up.
Otherwise it is a amazing place.

A good place to meet up with friends for a weeknight walk.

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