Very quiet in the afternoon. Can be up to a 2 hr walk if you do the entire loop from Top Bridge to the fish hatchery/middle gate. Beautiful trail. Lots of wildlife. Seen a bear on 3 separate occasions but they have always ran; no aggression.

We had a blast taking one of the many trails in this area. The loop we took, to the left after the bridge was about 1.5km and was easily doable with 4 kids. The youngest was 4. We spent extra time exploring the river with all its rock formations and sand. We definitely want to return in the summer.

This trail is currently closed.

Warning: active wasp nest on river trail about 1.75 km south of Alsbrook just past RDN trail board. A lady on a mountain bike was riding the river trail and must of rode right thru nest and was stung at least 15 times.

This was a beautiful walk! I recommend being best spray as a couple we passed on the trail said a black bear had crossed the path right in front of them. Lots of areas to climb and explore - children would love it! It reminded me of an enchanted forest with all the moss and hiding spots and little waterfalls. Last summer my husband and I walked this area with the kids - we crossed the footbridge at the parking lot and did that route which was also beautiful and fun. This time hubby and I took the path (from the parking lot) to the right of the bridge and it was even more beautiful. I can't wait to come back here with the kids when we are out again in the summer.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Beautiful scenery at beginning along the Englishman River. Caves & interesting rock formations.

Saturday, June 25, 2016