Great trail but way too busy now for locals.

1 day ago

A short sketchy section going down to the forest floor from 2nd to 3rd peak. Overall great views on the first and second peaks.

What a great way to begin our first day of holiday by hiking the Chief!

Great hiking!

great hike and some amazing views along the way!

Difficult but well worth it. Constant climbing of stairs. Did it in June and the temperature was real pleasant for a rainforest hike and the views are amazing

18 days ago

Love it. Did it twice last week

The chief in my opinion is easier than the grouse grind. My girlfriend says she prefers grouse grind, I would pick the Chief any day over the Grouse grind.

It’s a hard trail but the view is spectacular and is worth the effort. Although we did all 3 peaks the best views are peak one & two. Would never do peak three again.

Hard at first but super worthy to finish the hike.

Great hike! Recommend going counter clock wise, starting with the 3rd peak and ending with the 1st.

on Stawamus Chief Trail

28 days ago

Great hike bit challenging in the beginning with lots of rock but views are worth it!

Great trail with lots of different terrain, just don’t miss the sea to sky turn off or you’ll end up climbing the chief and the sea to sky all in one day!

Great trail, lots of variety with rope pulls, stairs, and light scrambling in sections. Heavy trail traffic along portion that follows the Chief but dispersed afterwards. Well-marked, in great condition, and various viewpoints along the way. Completed in just under 2.5hrs with minimal stops. Opportunity to explore other trails and activities at the top. Take the gondola down for $15.00, would not advise taking trail.

1 month ago

The sign at the bottom says it all... “This is not a walk in the park.” Though a fairly challenging hike, well worth it for the view of the ocean and mountains at the top of the 3 peaks.

Super rewarding hike! I honestly believe the stairs are the worst part. The ropes on the rock sections are lots of fun and I did it all in a pair of running shoes! Took me about 3 hours and took the gondola down for $15 because my legs were dead. Best of luck!

Hiked this on May 5, 2018. A bit of compact snow probably pass 6 km. No need for snow shoes or crampons. I hiked this with my hiking shoes but your runners with a good grip will work too. Good long hike. Well marked. Great view up top and there’s plenty of food at the lodge. 15$ to ride the gondola down.

Made this one a few years ago.

A lot of high steeps at the beginning. Hard and steep. But the chains assist climbing part is pretty fun!

I did this trail last summer and it was amazing. It wasn’t like the grouse grind. It is less stairs and more of an uphill walk. There are parts that make you use your arms to pull you over rocks and sometimes there are ropes too. That’s why I like this trail. It is not that busy too. You start the trail on the chief so it is busy but this trail cuts out of the crowd after 20 minutes. It takes an average person about 3-3.5 hours but I did it in just over 3 hours.

If you are fit this is a lovely hike. Yes it’s hard at the start but if you take your time to enjoy the views it makes for a great day. Costs $15 to take the gondola down which is worth it not to twist an ankle.

Love this at beginning of hiking season! Lol my hiking season haha perfect starter hike for the big uns

The hike started abit crazy at first. Felt grouse grind all over due to the stairs. Although once you get to the chief/sea to summit separation section everything changes. So far the most amazing hike I have ever done. I really took my time and enjoyed every bit of it.
There are a couple sections thou, the loose rock section and the rope climbing one are not all easy. The last section with the rock was alittle insane to me. Did it in April so the last 25% was full of snow. Be careful as some sections get really deep.
All and all this was an amazing hike for a moderate level hiker, well worth exploring before hitting harder hikes.

First 30 minutes quite tough then eases up a bit and then becomes harder halfway to the finish. 7.5 km to the gondola one way. Worth every huff and puff.

Not nearly as difficult as people made it out to be, if you’re in decent shape. We wore 30lb packs for training and while it was tough it wasn’t so difficult that I wanted to quit at any point. Micro spikes were helpful in the winter; be careful if it’s wet - the mossy rock at the top is quite slippery (and steep).

Challenging trail Rocks a bit slippery it rained most of the time .

Wonderful challenge! No two steps are the same. Be prepared to use your mind, body, and spirit for this hike. There are some really cool views of the Howe Sound and Shannon Falls.

super hard

4 months ago

This thing kicked my ass. Legs feeling it a few days after still. Did it quickly. Just to second peak and back. But should not have done it quickly. Definitely a good challenge and beautiful views to see

Favourite hike to do every year

6 months ago

One of my favourite hikes in Vancouver so far - although I've only been here 3 months.
Tough but not difficult. Steep steps to start and some moderate climbing (chain assisted) between 1st and 2nd peaks. We didn't go to 1st peak, but 2nd and third are definitely worth the effort and a little quieter than leading up to 1st.

Did the loop back from 3rd peak, but this was very strenuous on our knees after the climb and would probably have preferred to return the same way (even with the chain assisted decent)

Definitely recommend this walk, giving 3 - 4 hours not to be rushed.

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