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Nice hike, but no markings or signs for guidance. Thankfully someone else we ran into gave us directions how to get back. Ended up cutting through downhill mtn bike trails, eventually running into a bear at the powerline clearing. Good times.. I guess

27 days ago

Great walk

Not the most well-marked trail around, went on a few down-hill biking paths as unintentional detours, but there was service most of the way so we were able to follow the map when we were led astray. This could be avoided by paying closer attention to trail markers. Nice hike in the rain. Beautiful forest scenery.

1 month ago

It's not a hard trail with mountain biking path, but we only finished 2/3 and then gave up because there are many signs writing "Darger! Active shooting range". We were afraid of being shot...

3 months ago

Trail is in good shape. Lots of h20 along the route if you want to filter/treat vs pack it in. No garbage along trail as stated in previous review (thank you whomever cleaned it up). A steep clim right off the bat which continues to ridge (two hours and 2600 feet). Lots of snow up to so be prepared.

Did this hike a couple weeks ago and it was really nice. The gun range is close to the trail head, so you’ll be listening to that for the 30 mins or so unfortunately. Pretty easy trek until you hit the climb up to Sawblade Falls, which is straight up for about twenty minutes, but completely worth it. Beautiful view of surrounding mountains at the top. Amazing stumps from the old growth forest will blow your mind. The largest I’ve ever seen. Upper Falls trail is quite a bit easier than Lower Falls and I will do this hike counter clockwise next time for a bit easier hike. I’ll definitely be back in spring when the falls are in full force. :)

absolutely loved this hike. gorgeous forest of mossy trees and the terrain is perfect for either a wet or sunny day. came on a foggy day and it was still an amazing sight to see.

Great little trail especially on a windy day.

9 months ago

Great spot to unwind after the canoeing, camping, and hike up to Widgeon Lake on the day before. The hike is super easy (compared to getting to lake above), with tons of spots to unwind in the river, with scenic falls around you, and spots to jump into the water if you're brave. Just be careful!

9 months ago

Smokey from the BC forest fires when we went, it was still beautiful up there, but the surrounding mountains were a bit hazy. The hike itself was great, until the last two kilometers, which were agonizingly slow, vertical, and without an end in sight. Every crest lead to another, but finally the lake came into view. We had a round of drinks but we were all too tired to really enjoy the lake before heading back to the campsite. Still, what a beautiful lake this one is. Glad I saw it.

9 months ago

First off, Google maps says that the trail head is on the right, but it's on the left if you are coming from the main road. There is also no actual sign anymore signaling the entrance. The trail was alright but it's quite dirty. Lots of garbage left along the majority of the route.

Hiked in 40 mins and came upon moma bear and her cub at the Loop. Beautiful forest hike till that point. We had 8, 10 and 13 year old kids. Aug 8.

Saw a bear on the way. Had to turn back; otherwise, it was a good hike.

nice walk. nice view of the waterfall. mostly covered by trees so good for the dog on a hot day.

paddle sports
10 months ago

Take a canoe up to the opening.

Service road to the falls makes this a very very easy hike.

For the exercise and view I would take the trail. Beginners will find it a little challenging but it's worth it and good for you :)

Nice little day trip with the family and the canoe ride is about 30-50 minutes at most.

Still snow pack at the top so the trail gets hard to follow. The frogs were a joy to see, they were everywhere. Watch where you step. Would definitely do this again, hardly any people.

10 months ago

This is a lightly trafficked trail, which is nice because there are many trails in the area that are packed with people. I didn't see another soul the whole time I was up there. When I did get to the top (Munro Lake), I was somewhat disappointed. The bank was muddy and the water brackish. It's still hiking in BC though, so amazing regardless.

Nice hike. Paddling can take a good 90 min each way. Take the service road as a quick way to the falls. The trail is more challenging but also more beautiful

Well it started off nice, no rain, close to home and an early start...then things went horribly sideways. About 55:00 into the hike we made it to the BC Hydro ROW, then we saw a momma bear and her two cubs. Miss Figz freaked out so we had to turn around and end it! Lol! So now we're off to MEC to get better equipped and we'll finish it off another time. Otherwise a good leisurely hike.

nice woodland walking area. small falls. not too long and steep

The sound of gunshots from a nearby shooting range, allegedly having been in existence long before the trails, was indeed unpleasant, but mostly during the first and last half hour of the hike. The hike leading to two viewpoints of Saw Blade Falls was quite slippery, but the views of waterfalls were rewarding. All in all a good hike.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Sweet trail do it again and again

Friday, September 30, 2016

Followed the directions on the site to get to the start of the trail but never found it. Very disappointing. Google Map said we were there but no trail on site. Would like to try again.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Probably one of a few secluded areas to go camp in. There is limited camping ground but one spot, which we were fortunate enough to have, has a great set up with tables and everything. Recommend to hike and camp up there.

May 2016- very limited parking on roadside but trail starts off up a steep gravel road to get your heart pumping, then the woodland walk is a nice stroll through the forest, the upper loop is much different than the lower. We did it counter clockwise and I would again. Sawblade falls is steep but short and very nice. Look forward to doing it again.

Monday, June 13, 2016

This hike is incredible! Defiantly a difficult hike for me, but the view spots and Munro lake were very rewarding!

This hike took my group about 4 hours round trip, that was with a couple breaks! Loved how the terrain changed so much, there is a lot of variety on this trail!

Will do this one again!

Monday, May 16, 2016

great hike! I will do this one again.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Great hike although very steep and switchbacky. We went in April and There was still about 5 feet of snow on the ground up at Munro lake and Dennett Lake. Before getting to Dennett lake there is a view point off to the left that is a big rocky bluff you can see from Munro Lake. The views are amazing. We were lucky there were other footprints to guide us as all the snow made it hard to find trail markers. Overall other than the descent being extremely rough on the knees it was a great hike.

on Widgeon Lake

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wonderful hike even in early spring conditions not accessible from quarry road unless you want to hike over Burke ridge trail. Only access is via canoe/kayak from east side of Pitt river into widgeon campground.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Went up January 28th. We didn't expect over a foot of snow at the base of Munro Lake, couldn't go all the way through as we were not wearing the proper footwear for snow.

We went up the majority of the elevation until it leveled out right before Munro Lake.

Definitely a good hike, the stretch up to Munro Lake is all uphill with a lot of elevation gain and very little flat parts.

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