Photos of Pinecone Lake Burke Mountain Park Birding Trails

1 month ago

I have done this trip a few times and it is quite enjoyable. It can be pretty rowdy at times though due to the easy access and party people who tend to go. There is no shortage of garbage in the area, most likely including beer cans and cigarettes. I urge anyone who travels to these amazing places to leave it cleaner than when you came. That being said there are some great places to see for those willing to explore. I would like to tell people of an amazing place where one can swim in the area but fear contamination from the hordes of party goers. I will instead post a picture of a hidden pool free of litter. This pool is about 30 feet deep at most and has a stunning waterfall that enters it. Furthermore in the larger pool above it, there is two streams which join together, one colder than the other. This results in a strange phenomenon where you can lay across the narrow section and have one part of your body in colder water than the other. This area also has a decent cliff jump and is worth the trip. If you find it please respect the area... I don't know of anyone who has been there before but my friends and I have chosen to call it Peridot Pool due to the hue of the water in that area.