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1 day ago

I packed thus trail from 6/3 to 6/9 2018
I'm 71 years old. I used every joint in my body. I've packed the Serrias and the Lost Coast. This is by far the most challenging pack I've done. you have to be prepared to crawl over rocks roots downed trees boulders. Then go through mud that sucks at your boots.
It was the first time I've used all my packing skills getting from one camp to another. This pack should be on anyone's to do list if they think they are a Backpacker...

A few have run it in 10 hours.

amazing Oceanside trail steeped in history. hard to get reservations for

awesome historical distination. passed by a big round hole full of water (where the plane's munitions were blown up). VERY boggy trail, follow the ropes

Un magnifique parcourt dans la forêt sur un chemin en bois

North to south is the way to do it!

Without a doubt one of the best trails in Canada. The scenery and wildlife are stunning and the trail features some brilliant campsites, all of which are well maintained. Camping on the beach, swimming under waterfalls and scrambling over rock pools filled with creatures are just some of the highlights of a very memorable trip. But also be prepared for a tough slog through mud, up many ladders and through rain. Completely worth it when you spot a pod of orcas or a grey whale from the beach though!

16 days ago

An easy trail that we did when we were camping in the Pacific Rim National Park.

What an amazing trail! From the ocean, waterfalls and Forrest views to the camping sites along the way. It got very challenging nearing the end but oh my, was it ever beautiful! Prepare to do some crazy Indiana Jones type stuff and climb lots of ladders. All in all, VERY worth it! Will be returning as soon as my blisters heal ;)
They have a saying for the west coast trail: blisters and bliss.

And bliss indeed.

Amazing life experience! A dream ❤️

Definitely easy, not moderate

Beautiful little trail

What an amazing and unique hike! We completed this in August 2013. It was not so much physically challenging as it was mentally challenging. Prepare for the worst rain and mud ever so that when (and if) the sunshine comes you can soak it up and dry off. Otherwise just enjoy the amazing views of the coastlines and rain forests and the crab!

Campsites that we stayed at were all really well maintained. Lots of driftwood for campfires, ample bear boxes, standard privies.

Be ready for mud and trail that is tough to follow at times. But fun to do and a good adventure!

Spent 7 days on this trail - blew me away. Saw a black bear, heard a cougar (yikes), saw some wolf tracks, and had a couple seals following me and my friend from the ocean 100 meters away - popping their heads out between waves. Unreal.

It's regulated to keep the traffic manageable, and the trail is maintained by local first nations groups. Be prepared (physically, mentally) to spend long periods of time with wet feet and gear.

This is a challenging and rewarding trail. Enjoy and safe adventures!

Its really hard to remember your in BC when walking through this rainforest. It takes you to a place that you envision being so far away! Easy walk and kids absolutely love it (moss on everything is a huge deal apparently :) Can't wait to go back

Loop B is still close

3 months ago


It was muddy, but due to the cold weather some bits were frozen, so we were fine in regular boots, though I could see it getting messy if the climate was warmer.
However, Milo my French bulldog was in desperate need of a bath afterwards.

The hike took us longer than expected because we had to manoeuvre around the puddles but that was half of the fun! It was neat to see the old plane sitting there among the trees. After a cup a tea to warm us up and a few photo ops we made our way back.

Overall we had a great time doing this hike and would definitely do it again. It was a wonderful way to spend Christmas Eve!

It is a muddy hike but worth it to see that plane sitting there on the side of the mountain

Route A was good, saw some fish in the creek, but sadly route B was closed. Next time!!

6 months ago

Awesome boardwalk through the rainforest. We saw salmon in the stream. Mushrooms and other fungi everywhere! There were a lot more stairs than I expected, but it's only 1.1km on the north side. Good signage, family enjoyed it.

You will need to park at Radar Hill and hike 1/2 ml along the highway. No places to park on the road. Also need knee hi boots bc the mud is that deep.

Best Trail in Canada! Completed this one in September 2016. lucked out with only one day of torrential rain and the rest sun.

Likely one of the top multi day hikes on the planet - we saw black bears, orca whales, eagles, otters, deer, swam in waterfall filled pools, slept next to the roaring ocean, climb countless ladders, crossed rivers, counted stars ... if you love the outdoors, overnight hikes, and adventure - plan ahead, book in advance, and do this hike! Bring friends, or a loved one, it’s a long haul! Eat the crab at the river crossing and the burger on the beach!

The terrain and mud make this one of the most technical while relatively flat hikes you’ll encounter.

7 months ago

We went on a rainy, rainy day and everyone said, don't go when it's raining, cos it's muddy enough already. But we had so much fun.
Follow the tags and ropes after you get to the bog.

Very pretty with educational things to read along the way.

Amazing trail full of varied terrain with challenges from a walk in the forest to climbing over giant borders to ladders of all sizes and navigating tide tables. amazing views and people. We took 5 nights and 6 days. Think twice about every pound you carry...you will feel it.

Sometimes tricky trail, but well worth the effort of finding the shortest paths through mud to get to the plane.

Loved every minute of this hike

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