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10 days ago

Did this last summer when the trails on the other side of the road were closed because of fires. Nice trail, but poorly marked. I found some kind of trail eventually, but a bit of bushwhacking was involved. Nice and flat.

Did this today, and would say it's more of a moderate/difficult trail - nothing like we were expecting. We're 2 relatively fit "almost 60" year olds, and this took us 4 hours! Both blue and yellow trails were very undulating, mostly narrow, scrambling sections both up and down, and the yellow could have been marked better. Reminded me of a much tougher East Sooke Park hike.

For future hikers remember that these reviews are subjective! Everybody has different levels of fitness and experience. Don’t be deterred from this lovely, moderate hike. I did it in a group of 3, each of us are quite fit and experienced. We completed the blue and yellow circuit. It was a lovely walk with beautiful views and varied, green landscapes. In total was 10.7km and took us 2.5 hours, taking time to stop for pictures. To be fair to past reviewers there are a couple of short steep sections that would be quite slippery if wet and muddy. There was definitely no scrambling, at least on the route we took, but there was some rocky terrain that hikers (as opposed to runners) would be helpful on. The trail is quite obvious 95% of the time, and not hard to find the other 5%.

The blue trail is great, super beautiful hike and not too bad on the knees with proper footwear. The end is gorgeous.

1 month ago

A very beautiful loop which is very secluded with many birds and flora.Be sure to use your app to get around as per posts on this site, there are a lot of other trail off shoots which can turn you around quite easily. It is a very easy hike

Nice trail but not always well marked. Took the blue in which was well marked and then the yellow out. Lots of great lookouts and several places to get down to the shore for a swim.

on Crofton Lake Trail

2 months ago

Decent loop, there’s a small part with almost no shade, but the treed part of the path was nice. Lots of different trails so make sure you know where you’re going.

2 months ago

Whoa. The trail is beautiful, that's for sure. Great lookouts on the blue side and the yellow trail follows right along the coastline so almost constant water views and potential beach access. However, this is a really rough and tough trail. I would call it strenuous. It took us close to 5 hours at a relatively slow pace, as we had a baby on our back. However, it was more than we had bargained for. Lots of steep sections and scrambling, thankfully in dry conditions. This is not for the faint of heart or weak of ankles. again, it was more than we had bargained for. Saw only three other groups of two in all that time. Also, it was closer to 11.5km all told and 1500feet of vertical. Good luck!

nice trail from maple Bay to downtown Crofton along the boardwalk

Good hike. A bit of work. Took us 4.5hr with a few short stops. Lots of up and down, and narrow loose rocky sections. Recommend good boots and lots of water in the summer. Gets hot! GPS/AllTrails app. a good idea too.

This hike is beautiful and amazing. I found it very difficult to follow this map, we ended up doing 23kms

Nice trail. Long walk, but fairly easy. I found it very muddy, so be sure to have waterproof shoes of some sort if you're walking in a rainier season. I found the lake front fairly easily my first time but could not find the start of the loop of the lake. Went a second time and did a bit of exploring and found it. Absolutely no markings for much of the trail. It has many branching paths and its very easy to get lost and never actually find your way around the lake.

Beautiful views along both blue and yellow trail with a varied landscape and some stunning old arbutus trees. Recommend good hiking shoes/boots for the yellow as the rocks can be treacherous!

Really enjoyed this hike. Lots of variety, beautiful views and some challenging courses. Relied on my GPS but over all not too difficult to navigate with the trail map

I frequently hike on Vancouver Island and had done this one a few times, but I do agree with the posters who commented that it can be arduous ... and slippery. I last did it with a couple from Saskatoon in April 2019 and 2 out of 3 of us broke our wrists that day on this hike. Up until then, I was really enjoying it. After: sheer hell.

great hike, confusing trails.

Took the yellow trail and near the end definitely hard to find the trail in you need to map it and gps. Along the water yellow trail lots of scrambling on rocks and with the rain and moss it was slippery! Saw one person in 3.5 hrs. Beautiful views and well worth the work. Moderate hike I would say. But go slow on slippery spots.

5 months ago

Got side tracted and ended up on lake lead road and missed a whole section. hiked xylem to communications tower. Was great fun anyways and would do it again.

Trail is closed in multiple spots due to active logging. Couldnt push through. Very annoying (would hike again once opened)

6 months ago

6 months ago

Great, long hike. Took the blue trail out and then the yellow trail back. The yellow trail takes a lot longer as there are a lot of rocks to navigate.

Good trail between May to late fall. This app helped me find my way back to the Blue when I lost the trail many times on the lower section. Loose rock and slippery in the winter.

washed out
6 months ago

It started amazing then the trail was poorly marked towards the end of the yellow section due to what appears the results of latest windstorms. Trees down, mini land slide. We missed the connection at the yellow/pink/blue area, and met a local hiker who told us it was very difficult to see but he "knew where to go because [he's] there every week". I'm training for the WCT and I was packing 35 lbs, therefore it's on me, but the trail felt hard on many sections - going uphill both friggin' ways no kidding LOL - and I was searching for that elusive moderate part! Ah well, truly enjoyed it though.

I started my hike today planning on just doing the yellow trail but decided to return to the trailhead using the blue trail. I'm glad I did! after the initial elevation gain, the rest of blue trail is much easier than the rocky scrambles on parts of Yellow. I didn enjoy the waterfront trail and saw a Harbour seal! I stopped at many of the viewpoints on Yellow, including the green navigation light which is set on a gorgeous grassy point with Garry oak trees. Lots of evidence of river otters along the water too. Quite a lot of snow on the trail near the highest point of blue trail, making the downhill sections slippery. Ice on some rocks throughout the whole route too so watch your footing while it's cold out.

Excellent hike for a sunny day but definitely want good footwear for the slippery sections!

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