I started from the south access starting point where there’s a decent parking lot, out house, picnic tables, and a creek. I turned left and headed south west from the parking lot and ran into an abundance of fallen trees around the 2km mark which lasted for two hundred meters. This made it difficult to follow the trail markers but if u stay right and keep an eye out for trail markers you’ll be fine. The 2-4 km section had a good trail that was cut through tall brush with evidence of critters so make some noise while going through and you won’t run into anything. The 4-5 km section opens up to the massive granite face giving you beautiful views. My dog had about twenty ticks on him and I had five on my self, not sure if this is just because it’s tick season(may) or not so do some research and bring some bug spray and sunscreen. Lots of water sources through out. Enjoy!