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Mount Revelstoke National Park is a place of contrasts. Take a drive along the Meadows in the Sky parkway through a variety of geographical zones. From dense old-growth rainforest of giant cedar and pine, travel up through subalpine forest, and finally alpine meadows and tundra. Marvel at the spectacular view of the ice-clad peaks of the Monashee Mountains and, to the east, the Selkirk Mountains. The Giant Cedars hiking trail takes you through a stand of ancient Western Red Cedars, and the Skunk Cabbage Boardwalk trail introduces you to jungle-like wetland, a birder's paradise. Experience the range and variety of the Columbia Mountains Natural Region while exploring Mount Revelstoke National Park. Travel from valley bottom old-growth interior rainforest on the Giant Cedars Nature Trail, or lush wetland along the Skunk Cabbage Nature Trail, up the Meadows-in-the-Sky Parkway to the mountaintop experience of the summit of Mount Revelstoke. Winter is the dominant season and lingers on the summit until July or even August. During the brief summer, the mountaintop explodes into colour when its wildflower meadows bloom in mid-August. In winter, a profound silence envelopes the mountain as snow accumulates to depths of four or five metres and more. May 16 - June 12 9:00 am

Nice little walk through the giant trees

5 months ago

Did this with my Adult son a few years ago. I did not have enough water and it was a hot day! I made it there and back but really felt it on the way back. Despite that loved the hike!

Easy, enjoyable with the family.

An excellent short walk through one of the most beautiful forests !

if you love big Cedars and rain forests like I do, you'll definitely want to make this stop between Glacier National Park, CA. and Revelstoke. It is very similar to the 'Trail of Cedars' in Glacier National Park, in the U.S.

A beautiful short 0.5 km walk on a boardwalk with stairs through old growth trees

1 year ago

Beautiful trail up the side of Mount Revelstoke. I would NOT say that this is good for all skill levels. If you are starting at the bottom going up, it is definitely moderate-strenuous, and if you are starting from the top it is still moderate due to the many scrambling points, and steep inclines you must overcome. I took the trail down and then connected to the bottom half of the Summit Trail (which is significantly less rustic), and then the Mount Revelstoke Trail which will bring you all the way back to town (the whole thing ends up at 9.5 miles). It is a really neat way to see the changing ecotypes of the region and of the mountain.

Stunning trail at the top of Mount Revelstoke National Park through the meadow. The trail to the summit connects with a network of other trails around the summit, meaning you can tailor your experience to be a bit longer or shorter, as you like. Check out the First Steps trail near the washroom at the summit-- that's where the really spectacular views can be found.

This is a short boardwalk trail through a group of surprisingly amazing old growth trees. We had no idea what we were driving by and almost missed. We were very glad we chose to stop and check them out. Only took about 25 mins. Could have done it quicker, but took lots of pictures and took our time to enjoy.