Nice hike. Really enjoyed the walk and the kettle house doors were a nice touch.

We really enjoyed a lovely quiet gentle hike at Morrell this February. It’s not strenuous but not necessarily an easy-breezy walk either, as the path gets pretty narrow and there are a LOT of exposed roots, making tripping a hazard if you’re not watching the ground. (This is not an accessible trail for those who would typically have difficulty navigating stairs, for example.) There are excellent trail signs and lots of information signs on the flora and fauna of the area. There’s a fair bit of traffic noise near the parking lot, but as you get closer to the pond and Morrell Lake, it’s much less. There are some trail options, such as walking the Hydro line or the fire access road, which might be better for those running. We did a 3.5 km loop with about an altitude change of 7 flights of stairs according to my iPhone. We really liked the special stand with the bucket of dog treats, a big bowl of water for the dogs, and the separate bin for dog doo. Everything about Morrell was thoughtful and welcoming. We wondered why we hadn’t been here in so long - it’s a great, interesting, short easy hike. A nice alternative to the 6k around Westwood if you’re short on time.

Beautiful stroll in the woods. We only did one of the super short walks, but I'll definitely be back! There were little gnome homes in the trees along the one loop.

Easy walk through this location. Little to no elevation gain. Many, different trails in a contained area. So you can make this a 1km walk or a 5 km walk and be amongst nature. We shared the trail with hikers and trail-runners and dog walkers. Bring water, pick up after you dog and please don't litter!

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