Snow free. A little muddy. A great family spot. Venturing to high knoll with small children might be challenging. Lots of ducks and saw a beaver. Great view for little effort.

Awesome trail for all ages

Great hiking/walking trails

Very easy and nice scenery walk

The view was great up there at High Knoll. I went at winter time and would love to do it again in summer.

8 months ago

moderately difficult trail. fairly easy walk for the most part although, deciding to head up the high knoll meant engaging the ol' leg muscles and trudging away. well worth it for the view. great way to kill a few hours.

We walked at a fair pace, the High Knoll trail and it took about 75 minutes. some steep sections but definitely manageable. once at the top, beautiful views!

mountain biking
10 months ago

11 months ago

Super easy. Great hike for kids that are starting to do trails. 1 hour for an adult, 2 hours with kids.