Lovely hike thru the woods today with my big sister. We left parking and about an hour or so later we were enjoying the views from High Knoll. Lots of trail signs showing you where you are and where to go. Well groomed trail and not wet really considering all the rain we have had.

Bears were seen in the area today / but by other hikers. A small pack of dogs tried to join us for lunch, and eventually their owners leashed them up. Some berries were ripe for the picking (mostly salmon berries and some huckleberries). A really nice small grove of white and purple doc glove as you descended down the mid marsh trail.

6.5 back at the parking lot 2 hrs approx total. Not including lunch and micro breaks.

Had a great time the dog loved it...She didn't really like the fact she couldn't go on the water, but got over it pretty quick

Despite a couple of moderately steep sections the hike is fairly easy, the views unremarkable. Might be a good practice for those training for more challenging hikes.

Forgot how beautiful this park was...Haven't been here in a few years. It's a great starter

High knoll is another one for a sunny day. The dyke between lakes offers lots of wildlife, the treck to the high knoll is fairly easy making you work up a small sweat before breaking open to the view point. Definately the most rewarding part of the hike are the panoramic views of Pitt river and surrounding areas.

We started at the Quarry Road entrance, took to the gravel trail and at first we were concerned that our hike wasn't going to be challenging enough for us but that quickly changed to rocky terrain entwined with tree roots. A beautiful sight and once we got to the Lookout we were thrilled with the entire hike!
Would do it all over again on a sunny day to see more of the country view.

My husband and I did this hike today, it was a beautiful sunny Sunday so it was a bit busy heading up! We started the trail around noon and got back to the car shortly after 2pm. That was with taking only a brief break at the top to enjoy the view - which was included some nice views of the Pitt River and the marsh.

Some good variation in the trail, some good incline, rock and root to scramble, minimal views on the way to the top but there are a few lookout points. Personally I don't mind this, I love being in the trees. The trail was well marked and easy to follow with posted signs, and a few maps along the way.

The trail was a bit muddy in some sections, expected for early Spring! We would definitely do this again.

3 months ago

Snow free. A little muddy. A great family spot. Venturing to high knoll with small children might be challenging. Lots of ducks and saw a beaver. Great view for little effort.

Awesome trail for all ages