Great hike

A great hike that can be challenging and offers an incredible view at the end

Some steep sections but a nice 2 hour stroll

Nice loop trail with a great view from high Knoll. Pretty busy the day we went and lots of bear signs. Well marked and maintained.

Watch out for bears. It's a challenging walk or an easy hike. Nice view at the top.

quick little hike. some wild life. great view. puppy loved it.

The view is worth it

It's a great quick little cardio blitz, but make sure you do the lookout because of the great view and vertical ascent.

Lovely hike thru the woods today with my big sister. We left parking and about an hour or so later we were enjoying the views from High Knoll. Lots of trail signs showing you where you are and where to go. Well groomed trail and not wet really considering all the rain we have had.

Bears were seen in the area today / but by other hikers. A small pack of dogs tried to join us for lunch, and eventually their owners leashed them up. Some berries were ripe for the picking (mostly salmon berries and some huckleberries). A really nice small grove of white and purple doc glove as you descended down the mid marsh trail.

6.5 back at the parking lot 2 hrs approx total. Not including lunch and micro breaks.