Nice, flat trail. Lots of good viewpoints. I saw what I think was a lone heron near the water. A young deer caught me by surprise which made me turn back and not complete the loop. All in all, still a satisfying outing.

Very easy. Toddler and stroller friendly.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Maplewood Flats is a quiet little piece of land tucked in among the industry and business of North Vancouver. It's the last little bit of natural mudflat habitat left in Burrard Inlet, and is totally worth the trip. The trails are wide and well maintained, great for families with kids/strollers or anyone in a wheelchair. It's very easy to get to, with a bus stop right outside the entrance, which makes it a perfect spot for a short hike during a busy day. The Wild Bird Trust of BC who manages the conservation area often has a friendly staff member on site, and near the trail entrance there are places to sit down for a bite to eat or to watch the birds that are constantly around the feeders set up there. With all of the development happening in North Van, I only wish this little piece of nature could be bigger. There are many different habitat types throughout the area so you see a lot for such a short loop. Would highly recommend! Protect our natural areas on the North Shore!