Absolutely stunning views of the waterfalls and river. Truly a sight worth seeing. I'd rate it a 5, but in comparison to the Rocky Mountains, where I normally hike, it's a 4.

Beautiful river, forest, trails. It is well worth your time

Loved this hike. Just beautiful.

Although we didn't make it all the way to the top due to not being prepared for the snow, the hike was amazing. A bit cloudy but when it cleared up a bit you could see other mounts nearby. If you are planning in going during March where there is a bit of snow still, don't forget your snow shoes unless you want to get stuck waist deep.

Great nothing bad to stay

this hike is amazing but very difficult. if you take judges route make sure to take the road immediately to the south of the parking lot. from there head up for 10 or so minutes and you'll see the trail head heading off into the Bush on the right. it will look like a an old gravel road. walk another 10 minutes up this trail and you will come to a cul-de-sac. you will see the trail on the left. very visible. make sure to always follow and look for colored tape going up, it's very easy to walk off the trail and have to retrace your steps. 2.5 hours up and 2.5 hours down, amazing views but make sure to bring a jacket for up top and thin gloves for the rock climbing portions. good luck ! and bring nuts to feed the birds on the way up, super cool

this was a nice short and easy trails that meander beside flowing river with swimming and fishimg spots. at the end is a great waterfall cascading into pools and a lot of barred owls live here and can be seen close to sunset.

this is an amazing trail well worth the hike to the peak of this mountain. it has amazing views and is a great mountaneering hike all year around with trails for beginners to those who want a challenge, and also if you can find it its cool to see the old ski resort