An easy trail until the sign warns that beyond is not maintained, from there it gets to be a hard go. The easy section is a narrow trail with gradual switchbacks with roots and rocks on the path. Short tree growth allows views of both the valley and river. Once across the bridge the incline increases but still an easy go. I watched for the flowers while my husband was counting the butterfly species that crossed our path. Once we got to the end of the maintained trail we went to the right as was suggested. Definitely a scramble hike up to the ice caves and beyond to the glacier. The trail is unclear at many times on the right but rock cairns helped us navigate to the top. Once at the top we sat on a rock and enjoyed the gushing water and sights all around us. We descended on the left side which was a mix of loose rocks and a steep incline to a trail that was somewhat packed and easy to find. I agree that I would climb the right and descend the left as I find it easier to get a footing on loose rock going up than down. One of the most spectacular hikes we have been on in the area. Water falls, rivers, glaciers, ice caves, alpine meadows, rock beds, it has it all in one location. You can pick and choose what you want to see and what you will do next time.