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love it here, I take Apex trail up and the bike trail by the road on the back side down. 21mins30sec up today!! Can be busy and not a lot of shade going up fyi. Trail is well maintained, in town, and has great views.

Nice trails, always busy.

great morning walk!

Beautiful view of Kelowna.

Lived in Kelowna since I was 9, I’m now 56, never hiked to Paul’s Tomb before. What a nice hike. The path is, what I would call, groomed. Nice and wide, clean and stable.

The Tomb itself is not marked. I didn’t find it until I was heading back. When you get to the bottom the path will “Y”. To the left heads the last bit to the lake. To the right heads back up. The Tomb is to the right and branches off from the main path again.

There is not much of the Tomb to see, but how can you go down there without seeing it.

At the bottom is a nice little beach. Not a lot of amenities. There is a little picnic area, again, just before you make the last push to the bottom.

I did notice that about midpoint is two porta-potties. There is a sign stating that the Paul’s Tomb potty has been removed.

The views are spectacular, and it is a real nice walk.

Not sure I would classify as moderate as it is not very long. Trail is always well maintained and has gorgeous views.

One of my favourite easy trails

Beautiful views, easy access. Some steep parts but well maintained trails. Lovely afternoon walk!

There are a few steep sections but they’re short. Great views of Kelowna and Lake Okanagan. Peaceful and open to the sky for most of the walk. Easily accessed from town without needing a car to get to the trailhead. Keep an eye out for bald eagles!

Awesome hike! Wouldn’t classify it as easy as it is steep the whole way up. Lots of
other trails in the park so we explored a lot of it. Great views of the city and lake.
Saw several deer in the park as well!

Sunday, March 12, 2017