Awesome trail but as a 68 year old, a little out of shape, I wouldn’t say it was any easy trail as stated here. I just took breaks and wished I had better grip on my shoes.

1 month ago

beautiful day to enjoy the fall colors on an easy walk/ hike the a few nice views of the lake, clean outhouse at south end

Really great views along this trail of the water, many nice places to pause for a break. Not busy at all. Falls are worth seeing!

2 months ago

Very scenic, the trail goes up and down lots which I prefer over a long continuous uphill. The falls were pretty a definite must do.

Easy after work-before dinner hike! The trail is really well maintained and suitable for all skill levels.

This is a great waterfall to visit that is definitely less busy than some others such as bridal falls. It's actually very stunning in its cascading beauty. We actually discovered freshwater crayfish down below it as well. A hidden gem.

Nice and quick trail. By itself it's a short hike but it's also connected to the larger trail system for those who want a longer hike.

Beautiful, not well travelled trail through the forest with moderate elevation. Note that the gates to the parking don’t open until 9 am. At one point the birds were so loud I thought I had walked into the jungle; it was really quite something. You will see a sign saying that the bridge is closed but if you keep going the trail becomes less travelled and eventually you will be rewarded by finding a canoe dock and a great place for a swim. On the way back be sure to pop down to view Steelhead Falls (the stairs down have recently been re-done and it’s open now).

clean trail with nice waterfall as a reward in the end

The loop is not open since BC Hydro doesn't want to spend the money needed to upgrade the floating bridge across Harsine inlet. contact Hydro to protest

4 months ago

Great trail. Short walk but a beautiful destination. The trail is open. I don’t know why it’s marked closed.

This hike is actually a loop around the entire lake. It was closed for a long time while they did seismic upgrades on Ruskin Dam-- it should be open now-- check first! I found the Reservoir Trail less scenic, and it is longer as well, so some may want to stick to the in and out of the Railway Trail :)

From the Website:

Follow the path of a historic railway

Railway Trail runs down the west side of Hayward Lake. The pathway of the trail once served as the railway connecting nearby Stave Lake Reservoir to the district of Mission. The flat and wide area makes for a fairly easy hike with a brief section of inclines and declines. Hikers and bikers can make their way down the 6-km trail all the way to the Ruskin Dam located at the south end of the lake before crossing over the dam to Reservoir Trail.

See the dam and waterfalls

On the opposite side of the lake, Reservoir Trail will take you on a 10-km walk through the forest. Follow the north end detour for views of Steelhead Falls and don't miss the canoe landing towards the south end to take a short break and enjoy views of the lake.

Note: You can also walk to the waterfall from the Reservoir trail parking lot. It's a kilometre or so in I think.

Very good but long hike but not that very hard.

Beautiful views of the lake and not too strenuous. We spent 3.5 hours slowly out and back.

Trail is currently OPEN with the exception of Hairsine Inlet as the floating bridge has been removed. Getting to the parking lot and walking down to the falls is no problem.

Did the short hike from the parking lot to the dam, amazing views through the forest and walking on the dam was exhilarating

Good easy going trail. Small secluded sandy beaches give good respite. Trail is good for recreational runners as well as some small uphill parts which are great for short sprints. Beautiful views across the lake.

Road leading to the trail is currently closed.

Beautiful short walk to the falls. Took my four kids and they enjoyed it!

nice walk and super clean trail. my pup loved it, special the little beach in the south.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Beautiful easy trail

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Good variety in levels and scenery. Wear good shoes as the beginning is steep downhill (and you have to go back up it later). I wouldn’t bring a stroller. Only saw 2 other people on a holiday. I will definitely be doing this hike again.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Heaven in my town

Monday, August 14, 2017

Nice trail, easy and pretty.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Beautiful well maintained easy trail through towering forest, across two bridges and ending with stairs down to the base of these magical falls. The lookout was still under construction when we went (aug 2017) but there is still access to it.

Friday, June 30, 2017

loved it! roughly 20-25minutes from parking lot, dogs also loved it! Great trail, not busy in the evenings during the week!

Pretty easy trail with not a lot of elevation gain. The floating bridge is closed off until sometime in 2018, and the waterfall path is closed due to construction. Most of the trail goes through the forest and there is not a lot of lake access. Would be good for trail running!

Monday, June 12, 2017

I love the combination of uphill, downhill & plateau of this trail.

Excellent trail to explore. Some hills then walking flat along the lake. Easy and beautiful. The sign says you can go to the powerhouse, but recently the trail was closed just past the slide area and you had to turn back.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Took the dogs here for the first time! Was a little nervous having them off leash for the first part of the trail as the drop off looks quite steep, but as you get towards the two beaches from the upper parking lot it's perfectly fine for dogs to roam free ( there was no one around). Water was great for them and paths were wide and easy to walk along. Wasn't sure what we were getting into and half of the path was closed for bc hydro work so just walked a few km and turned back to the car. Looks like a spot to check out again in the summer. There is a outhouse near the beach and also garbage can for park use. It was clean and well kept. Curious if it gets busy in the summer.

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