21 hours ago

Love this trail. Hike it all year round. A great workout and stunning views at the top. Beautiful all the way up, as challenging as the grind but way nicer and less people.

Great trail. A few points were hard to follow based solely on trail signs, a good map is a must.

14 days ago

I did this today. Actually I went there for the Grouse Grind. But it was closed for maintenance. So did this one instead. Since I was doing it for the first time, I stayed with a bunch of folks who had done this earlier. The trail was challenging but the feeling of having completed it made it worth it.

16 days ago

What a great Hike. Hard but we'll worth it.

20 days ago

This was a very difficult hike because of the unyielding elevation gain for 80% of the hike. The Grouse Grind trail was closed when we hiked BCMC, so I suspect BCMC was a bit more crowded than typical (and a bit more eroded). Only attempt this trail if you're in for a workout and do not expect amazing views until you get to the top. At the end of May, expect snow cover at the top of the trail.

21 days ago

An intense hike. I knew it was a lot of elevation gain over a short distance going in, but I still wasn’t fully prepared for how steep the first 2/3 of the trail is. It wasn’t very scenic, but it was a good workout.

It was much busier than other reviews have indicated because the Grind is closed for maintenance for the next 3-4 weeks.

Easily accessible by transit at both ends of the trail

Great trail for a workout on week days without the crowds!

trail running
23 days ago

Just did the trail today - with numerous 15-30 second breaks and a fairly slow but steady pace, it took me an hour up from the entrance area.

The surrounding forest is very beautiful, but this definitely isn't a scenic hike. The trail is very well marked but on the rougher side with plenty of exposed roots and rocks. It's basically all uphill for the majority of the trail.

Things do level off a bit once you're about 1km away from the peak, but you probably won't notice as you'll still be exhausted from the hike up to this point. Worth checking out if you're wanting a strenuous cardio workout in a calmer and more natural setting

Solid trail with good scenery.

27 days ago

A good alternative to Grouse Grind.

Great hike, crowded but workable. Not as hard as most people think.

1 month ago

Great but crowded

Just great.

1 month ago

Great hike with a great view. Be prepared for a lot of stairs and quick elevation changes. Also be prepared to pay to go back down as hiking down the trail is not allowed - the gondola must be taken.

1 month ago

Very steep and somewhat boring. Still better than the Grouse Grind -- less people and less stairs, more natural terrain. Walking on snowpack for the last .5k or so, otherwise clear.

1 month ago

Wonderful hike, great view!

I will never forget this hike. Challenging, beautiful and did it in the middle of a downpour!

I love hikes that really challenge me and make me evaluate why I am doing this to myself lol. The whole way up was breathtaking in more ways then one. Was definitely a self motivating kinda hike, but I was super proud of myself when I finished! The views are something I won’t ever forget. Just breathtaking. Take your time, catch your breath and don’t forget to keep looking down and around.

Despite the hoards of tourists, it’s one of my favourite training hikes - the BCMC is almost as physically demanding and less travelled, so a great second option. Don’t be that person and try to hike back down - it’s a narrow trail and really unsafe for you and everyone around you. Also, take plenty of water - you’re going to need and want it!

3 months ago

Amazing hike! One of the hardest hikes I have done. Very steep and you must take the gondola back down. It was busy when we went in September. Great views and the restaurant at the top was very good.

3 months ago

challenging..proper footwear is a must in snow..well worth the climb

5 months ago

Difficult straight up trail. Challenging but getting more difficult as it keeps getting busier every tourist season. Upside is store/restaurant at top and you can treat yourself to a latte at Starbucks when done!

This trail is so amazing . It feels like you will never get lost when you find this one .

I wasn't prepared for this since I caught snow at the top but I had my ice trackers to throw on my runners( something I like to keep in my back pocket for any mountains) ...and I brought my little out door cooking set and heated up soup and pulled out some home made bread ..... it was extremely windy up there( still mastering outside cooking though ) I would do it again in a heart breat though.

I have a love hate relationship with this hike. It is a relentless climb. From the first stair there is no level or down hill sections. 2.5kms of pure leg torture with 2650ft of elevation gain. Choose this hike if you are looking for an intense workout and not so much about the views along the way. It’s a VERY busy trail too so be ready to hike with lots of company.

7 months ago

Found this quite boring and the view not worth the effort. Go to Seymour, Quarry Rock or Cypress for better hikes nearby.

Great workout, started snowing towards the top, beautiful workout and a jolly time to have some hot cocoa and poutine fries as a reward :)

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