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on Panorama Ridge

2 days ago

The view at the end is worth the effort to get there!

Did this today. No snow in the parking lot however you will hit snow about 20 minutes into the hike itself. We did it in crampons on hard packed snow the way up. With the warm weather coming back was pretty much walking through the slushy top layer of snow. Lots of people in snowshoes. Lakes are both covered right now. If you're doing this on a sunny day do yourself a favour and wear a hat, the glare off the snow is enough for you to end up with a sun burnt face even with sunscreen. Definitely a must!! Views of the mountains are breaktaking.

An awesome hike. Did it yesterday (May 13th). At this point I'd highly recommend snowshoes as snow begins within the first 15 minutes. My shoes got absolutely soaked through even though they're waterproof. I'd recommend wearing covers over the tops of your shoes so snow can't get in. Bring extra socks and sunscreen if it's nice out, there's not much tree cover after the first 5km. Regardless of all of this, people were doing this hike without snowshoes and I had the best time ever so do whatever and you'll have a great time.

The latest trail report May 7th says that chains are mandatory to drive to the trailhead. I'm planning to head up tomorrow. Does anybody have an update on the Mamquam/Garibaldi Park road conditions?

15 days ago

We did this hike on May 5th with overnight camping at Elfin lakes. The parking lot is free of snow but not the trail (snow starts just after the beginning). We made it without snowshoes or crampons but most people had. 3:15 up / 2:45 down. Amazing views after passing the first 5/6km. Rough gravel road for 11km to go to the parking lot. Doable without a 4WD but carefully.

A Group of 4 of us went up this past weekend (April 7-8) and even though the weather wasn't ideal we had a blast. We parked in the parking lot and began our hike in the rain at 10:30 AM, however, once we reached the warming hut, it was lightly snowing and beautiful. After a 30-minute lunch break at the warming hut, we started the second half of the hike which was a bit steeper for at least 45 minutes and then leveled out and was much easier to walk. We arrived at the shelter, just passed the lakes at 4:00 PM.

The hike back down the next morning was a breeze and we had clear weather with the odd 5-minute snow flurry here and there. We didn't even bother stopping at the warming hut on the way down and we were back at the car at 2:00 PM (we had left the shelter at 11:00 AM)

Snowshoes are highly recommended!!!

One of my all time favorites. It is fun to camp at garibaldi lake and then finish panorama ridge in the morning. Allows for more energy to play on the glacier and enjoy the views. In the summer lots of people swim in the lake which is always a highlight. I have also been up here on snowshoes however it was quite difficult to reach due to the absent trails and poor snow quality.

3 months ago

I saw on 10hikes(https://10hikes.com/canada/whistler-hikes/panorama-ridge/) that you can slide down the glacier, but I haven't been able to find more advice on this. Any tips?

4 months ago

Went today and was able to make it to about 1-1.5 km past the Red Meadow Shelter. (16 km round trip) Beautiful hike with a steady climb and some beautiful views.

Chains are needed to get to trailhead parking lot. Otherwise it’s a 2.4 KM steady uphill climb to reach trailhead.

Toilet facilities at Trailhead and Red Meadow.

6 months ago

This hike is tons of fun
Would recommend to camp at battleship island and make it a 3 or 4 day hike to see black tusk as well
Great view from every where
9.5/10 is what I rate it

Amazing! Start early to avoid hiking in the dark, but if you have enough food and gear the sunset from the Ridge is beautiful.

Still snow on upper part of trail,slippery,
Easy to follow. Beautiful view. I suggest hiking boots and micro spikes ( would make going up easier but not necessary. Garibaldi campsite very busy, Helm Creek much quieter.

Went at the end of October and it was walkable without snow gear. Mountain range was spectacular and breathtaking. Not a difficult hike and would recommend to everyone! Plenty to see: mountains, marshes, wild flowers, lakes, rabbits!

Incredible flora in the Fall. Long but steady incline throughout. Excellent views of Garibaldi Mountain and parts of Squamish.

7 months ago

This was a easy and pleasant forest walk on a fairly level and mostly smooth settled gravel path. Misleading to be described as a moderate hike. Beautiful views of the river and lake begin about 30 minutes in. It is a great option for visitors to Whistler who want a forest experience but are not capable or equipped for a wilderness hike. About a 30 minute drive from the village including 15 minutes up a gravel access road suitable for a car with average clearance and without 4 wheel drive. Dogs are not allowed. Ample parking at the trailhead and clearly signed.

7 months ago

Amazing hike, not as difficult as people say it is. Amazing views.

Still a perfect hike at this time of year. Beautiful colours. Fairly long, but definitely not "hard".

We saw a black bear near the trail. Lakes are not so beautiful as Joffre Lakes or Garibaldi Lake, but the mountain views all around are incredible! Whiskey Jacks nearby the lodge are so eager and curious. I would not rate the hike as Hard, it is more Intermediate or Easy. The ascent is not very steep. Yes, the round-trip is 22km long but it feels like a nice walk than some real hiking.

7 months ago

Beautiful. Relatively painless hike.

8 months ago

Long but not hard.

Amazing hike! It took about 8 hours round trip, not including a dip at the lake. While it is faster to bypass the lake and head through Taylor Meadows at the 6km junction up the garibaldi lake trail, the lake itself is definitely worth stopping by if you have the time! From the lake, the trail switchbacks up the hill until it enters a meadow, and casually climbs through the gorgeous meadow, blooming with wildflower if you are up there during the right time of year. The trail passes the turn off the Black Tusk, another amazing hike, but slightly harder and features a scramble up the chimney of the tusk. Before dropping down into Helm flats, there is a 3 way junction and the Panorama Ridge trail goes up to the right, making its way up the ridge to the summit. Bring lots of snacks, water, emergency flashlight in case it takes you longer than expected, and something to take photos with for sure!

Anyone who camped up there at the hut, is the propane cooking stuff still out in repairs or is it fixed. Going up there this weekend for overnight stay. Can anyone give me an update ?

Went for a day hike yesterday. This isn't a hard trail at all. It is 11km from the lake to the trail head. It's a nice place for a swim. Wish I brought water shoes, as it is pretty rocky.

8 months ago

Not exactly the best birding trail (almost no birds in 12 hours) but one serious experience. The route claims 18 miles but if you make it around the lake and all the way up the mountain it was closer to 25 for us. We did the entire trek (there and back) in about 12 hours and I will recommend heavily you bring trekking poles or a stick for the end and the mountain. It's very beautiful and probably better enjoyed over 2 days. I'd say you will get many more worthwhile landscape shots than animals so no need for the 10lb birding lens like I brought. It's a very challenging hike in total distance and total vertical climb so make sure you're prepared. There is about a mile climb on ice and loose rock up the ridge so be careful and dress appropriately. You should definitely be able to do over 15 miles in one trek easily if you even want to attempt this in one day. The total vertical climb registered for my tracker over the entire trip was around 6500ft.

8 months ago

AMAZING hike with spectacular views! 30 km in 9 hours with lots of picture breaks. The view from up top is breathtaking but even on the way up there's so much to look at, just beautiful. Can easily be done in a day if you are in decent shape, it was easy for me with a bit of scrambling at the end but that's it. Some horseflies but nothing too crazy. Bring a big plastic bag to slide down the glacier at the end, so much fun. A little busy on the weekend but I guess that's every hike now sadly.

Wow!! Randonnée exceptionnelle, vue incroyable sur le lac Garibaldi!!! Un incontournable dans le secteur :)

9 months ago

I have done this hike several times and normally find it a beautiful hike. Unfortunately, the black flies and horse flies are absolutely horrendous right now. Prepare to be constantly swarmed by dozens of them from the parking lot all the way to the lake. I've done this hike a few times and I wouldn't recommend it with the current wildfire smoke obscuring all views and the highly annoying flies. Do it in late summer sky clears and the rest of the snow melts, and hopefully the flies go away.

9 months ago

We camped for two days in the lake. The camping spot is next to the lake. It was an amazing spot.

10 months ago

Incredible hike and views. Slightly dangerous closer to the ridge but we may have taken the wrong route up. Definitely easier if there weren't any snow caps but that was amazing part of the view

Snow up to 1.5 m after 3 miles but easily passible with good shoes although microspikes made it less slippery. Lakes are frozen over.

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