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What a gorgeous area to hike. Pack a lunch and enjoy one of the many scenic spots to sit, look at the gorgeous ocean and enjoy the quiet .

3 months ago

Great hike ! Parking lot packed. Lots of nice friendly people and lots of dogs. Watch your footing on this one. Beautiful white sand beach to start and majestic ocean scenery and rainforest. Fairly easy hike. Got to love Vancouver Island !

This trek has been with no doubts one of the highlights of the holidays. Amazing views close to the sea, nice forest and great beaches. We even saw a few seals and sea lions!!

on Coast Trail

5 months ago

Scenic coastal route one way followed by a forest path and road back to the parking lot. Very enjoyable and not too difficult, as long as you're prepared for navigating amongst roots and rocks one way and elevation change the other.

5 months ago

One of my favorite locations.

5 months ago

Read the reviews! I did this hike back in 2016 with my husband and my brother. It is one of the best day hikes I’ve done in Canada but it wasn’t easy as many of these reviews have also stated. I’d say moderate to difficult. It is also a 10 hike along the coast. We had a gorgeous spring day for this and I have terrific memories of blue skies, sea life and the sound of crashing waves. A very memorable hike! Shout out to the blog ‘HikeBikeTravel’ for this most excellent suggestion.

5 months ago

Great trail - count in 2- 2 1/2hours at least - the part on the coast was not as easy as we thought

6 months ago

This is the trail I do most often. It takes 2.5 - 3 hours. Lots of ups and downs.

7 months ago

amazing day hike. I like to do side trips up to the old iron mines. lots of sea life to sea and historical petroglyphs. a must do

Started on the Interior Trail which is basically a dirt road that meanders through the forest, initially going up in elevation and then cutting across a ridge. We then made our way down to the Coastal Trail which is more like a trail, gonna by up and down to little coves along the way.

9 months ago

Great scenic walk along the coast. Coast trail portion has some undulations and roots/rocks. As you make your way back inland it's more of a gravel path. Views along the coast trail are great. Water is super clear.

10 months ago

Very beautiful and moderate trail!

Varied terrain means an interesting and challenging hike!

Went here for the first time on BC Family Day Long Weekend...could have spent the whole weekend here! Gorgeous views, white sand and clear blue water. Definitely will be back!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Beautiful views!

Amazing views

Fabulous trail. Very well marked and maintained. Nice views. Quiet secluded areas. Loved it.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Easy 13km, one way from becher bay to iron mine bay. 6 hours including about 1 hour worth of stops. Beautiful with the fog rolling in and out.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Easy is relative. As others have noted, there is a decent amount of boulder climbing along this trail, but the views across the Street are beautiful. We made an afternoon out of it, did the forest section first then looped around to the beach area. My 9 and 12 year olds did great on this one, I would say it's doable for most ages. Would love to come back and hike the whole Coast Trail!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

We took beechy head trail and then connected back via this trail. It was awesome but not easy. Kids 10 and 4 loved it because of all the rocks to climb and the variety of view and trees and beaches, and it was a bit dangerous in spots:)

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Such a great hike. Little of everything: Forrest, view and we looped back on the coastal trail which has some climbing rocks and great views. Agree with the previous post that if you take the coastal route it's not easy! But Two kids were engaged and loving it the whole way:)

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Great trail, lots of great lookouts and beaches.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Trail is amazing and beautiful but definetly should not be rated as easy . The reviews we read led us to believe this was an easy hike along the coast when in fact it is very difficult . Narrow ledges at times with a great distance to fall , and a lot of ups and downs over difficult terrain . The trail took us 7.5 hours to complete and we hike all the time . I was concerned at comments stating this trail would be safe for young children and as a mother I greatly disagree with this . A loss of footing in many places could cause severe injury . The hike was one of the most beautiful I have ever done but the rating definetly should be changed from easy to at least moderate if not difficult . I don't know if you rated the trail based on the inner trails through the forest but we took the actual Coast Trail along the rock bluffs and it is not easy

Friday, July 14, 2017

Beautiful hike with coastal shoreline views of the Olympic Mountain range as well as forest and meadow views on the way back. Took 2 hours with minimal stops. Shoreline had a few difficult spots of climbing up and down rocks but fine with good hiking shoes. Last part of hike from Beechey Head point back to Farm parking lot is easy forest hike.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Fantastic hike! Coastal and forest!

Monday, January 30, 2017

The best trail for day hikes. It's fairly easy to Beechers point and then you start hiking up and down the headlands. Absolutely not easy. Can be quite the climb. We have done the entire coastal hike in 4.5 hours at a hard pace. Absolutely love this hike .

Friday, December 23, 2016

This is one of my favourite trails and has been called one of Canada's best day hikes. I have never seen the Coast Trail called a loop nor has it ever been called easy for all skill levels. As an experienced hiker, I don't think that this description is accurate and quite frankly, dangerous.
The Coast trail is actually a 10k day hike. Most people choose to leave a car at one of the trail heads (Aylard Farm or Pike Road) and then use a second car to drive to the second trailhead for departure.
It is normally called a challenging or difficult hike; lots of ups and downs, some scrambling, trail is not always clearly marked, roots/rocks and steep sections.
Allow anywhere between 5-8 hours to complete. The Iron Mine Bay side is considered more challenging and less used. Aylard Park area is well used.
Even though the Coast Trail itself is not a loop, in East Sooke Park there are numerous transverse trails as well two longitudinal trails; the Coast and Interior Trail. Combining portions of these trails makes it easy to create some really great loops.
The trail is beautiful, gorgeous scenery and highly recommend

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

It was a great day
Just me and my daughter

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