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Beautiful hike!

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on Houston Trail

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Houston Tail is great if you're looking for a well groomed gravel walk through nature that is more dynamic then a level and simple walk. It has many inclines and declines that get your heart pumping but aren't so intense that you'd call it a "hike". But you definitely get a good work out.

You also get very different views. You see a meadow/marsh, you get a view over fields, and you can also detour off the circular route and go to the Fraser River. 1/3 of the way you'll see the trail split 3 ways. The signs here are confusing and incorrect. To keep in the circular trail continue what looks like "forward" and you'll return to the main parking lot. The branch off to the side will lead you down to a heritage house I believe, the road (not the one you came on), and the Fraser River. If you're wanting some extra Km, you can go down that trail and return.

It has a few benches along the route, especially once you get to the top of hills or if there is a "view point". There's also an outhouse toilet incase you need to go - you'll see from the parking lot at the trail head on the left side of the parking lot.

You can enter the trail one of two ways from the main parking lot. Both take you on the same trail just different directions. Depending which direction you wish to start with slightly changes how your walk will be. The trail head near the outhouse gives you more uphill climbing in my experience, where as the one in the middle (more to the right) will give you more declines. Since I have sensitive knees I've learned to take the one on the left. It's not as beautiful at the beginning but I enjoy that direction better.

This trail is very well maintained. I've gone after a big windstorm and they had moved all fallen branches and chopped up the trees fallen over the paths so there was not even a twig in your way. I've noticed there's often little frogs all over the certain parts of the trails. They're pretty good at jumping away from you but just watch your feet if you care about the little guys.

I see a lot of people run this trail. I've never tried it but I'm sure it would be an excellent circuit and great for building leg muscles especially amping up to hiking.

Great trail with lots of parking. Generally flat but does have a few steep hills. Definitely keep your dog on a leash, I saw 3 coyotes when I was there.

horseback riding
2 years ago

I grew up in the Ft. Langley area and have visited this trail more times than I can count. My mom is a riding instructor and trainer and we would always come here for trail rides. It's an awesome trail especially for beginner riders or inexperienced horses because it balances varying terrain (in terms of elevation)and safe/wide trails while not being too long. Great for a quick trail ride to get out of the arena. The only thing missing is more trailer parking as it takes a bit of maneuvering to park and there is only room for 2 trailers max (assuming the car drivers respect the trailer parking only signs which doesn't always happen). Overall it's fantastic!

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Great place to walk a lone too

2 years ago

Bears and coyotes. Leash your pets.

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