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Amazing view and the hike was difficult but I loved it!

on Cypress Falls Hike

8 days ago

Really nice short hike and great for dog walking.
When you start from the parking lot the trail it is very easy and clear. You will come to a point where you can continue slightly left along the trail (West side of the river which is the route shown on this site) or cross a wooden bridge. If you stay on the path and do not cross the bridge it will be easy to follow orange markers. The trail remains wide and quite easy, it likely will take an hour or so to complete out and back style.

This is where people get confused:
If you cross the bridge and take the East side of the river there are markers for a short distance to a fork and then the trail gets much more difficult and is not well marked. If you go right at this fork you will meet up with a rocky path that resembles a creek. This will head up to a fence with a gate and connect to the service road in only a couple of minutes. If you head left at the fork you will parallel the river on a slippery (most of the year) and narrow trail. This is the trail some commenters refer to as being sketchy and on the edge of a cliff. It is more difficult than the West of the river trail, and I would watch little ones on this trail. This is also the route that leads you to the old car wreck. Shortly after the car wreck you reach the service road and a large, wooden bridge. You can do the trail as a loop, connecting the West and East trails with the service road.

This is a very pretty and green trail; however it needs better signage and a trail map, as I think most people assume they should cross the wooden bridge near the start of the trail leading to confusion!

Almost didn’t go because we thought it was one of Cypress’s paid snowshoe trails. Luckily an employee directed us to the correct trailhead which was a little further down the road from the ticket and rental area.

Great 360 view from the top. Did Feb 18 and it was chilly and beautiful, with mostly packed snow on the trail. Used microspikes. There are some steep sections where it would also help to have poles, but not required. Snowshoes were not necessary and many snowshoers were sliding on their butts down steep sections.

28 days ago

Great for a 1 hr loop, to get the heart pumping. We prefer doing this loop anti-clockwise, so you return down on the logging trail, easier on the knees.

30 days ago

nice little hike took just under an hour round trip even with snow and stopping to take pictures

Best on a sunny winter day when you can slide down the snow on your butt

2 months ago

The hike was great make sure you take poles and proper snowshoes. The view on the top is amazing. Make sure you check the avalanche warnings there are about 4 avalanche paths make sure you are prepared before you head up in the winter.

4 months ago

Snow covered now. Good footwear is a good idea. Stunning with the snow.

Love this , can't wait to snow shoe up it, there's whiskey jacks at the top at the lake and they will fallow you up the mountain to...there was many views, don't usually come to cypress but I will Be now.

Beautiful hike, first 45 min is a steep climb, little rocky but once on top beautiful small lakes and views of the ocean and mountains!

October 29. Easy trail up, pretty views up top. Muddy spots here and there but it’s late in the season and has rained a bit. Pretty busy, people and dogs. Took the east trail up and down. I prefer Tunnel Bluffs over this one. Same view but shorter.

5 months ago

Breathtaking view!

Fyi 90% of the elevation gain is right from the get go otherwise a not bad trek. Bring some coffee to sip and stay awhile when you finally get there.

Did this hike on Sunday. Well marked and very very busy. The first half (steepest section) is well maintained then it turns to the typical roots, dirt and and rocks. Not terribly hard for a 10+km hike. Spectacular views from the summit.

6 months ago

Super busy, but it thins out dramatically if you continue onwards to The Lions! It's so worth it.

6 months ago

There are two summits, North and South with incredible views. We took the Old Strachan trail back down past the T-33 plane wreckage. This was pretty overgrown and took a lot longer than we thought as it heads past the Cypress Bowl car park and then connects to the Baden Powell to head back down. 1:40 to summits and 3:00 back down.

6 months ago

A beautiful hike! The trail is clearly marked - no snow now. It's a nice incline without murdering you. I like that there's outhouses in a couple spots along the way. The scenery is gorgeous with little peek-a-boos as you climb to check out your progress. Be prepared to scramble a little over boulders near the end of the climb. Fantastic view of the lions at the top. Went mid-late afternoon but few people were on the trail. Will go again!

Decided to start the hike at 10pm, and got quite lost, non the less, an amazing starlit sky, and goregous view to wake up to, definitely recommend this bad boy! Bring bug spray! You'll get eaten alive. and stay hydrated

Took about 90 minutes to get to Cabin Lake with a 3.5 and 6 year old... we spent 2 hours to picnic and swim then about 45 min to get down with my husband carrying our little guy half way. Was a steep challenging climb for me and a few spots were pretty slippery with loose gravel coming down. busy trail on a hot long weekend but well worth it!

6 months ago

Final destination is worth the climb. View is spectacular. Busy when we went. trail is well maintained upto end of crushed gravel path, then climb continues on a root exposed remaining natural path. very dry and dusty when we went. Quite a few Skeeters near the top. Set your phone on panorama as you'll need it.

The perfect North Shore day hike. The hike isn't long, isn't very difficult and the loomed view of Howe Sound is stupidly beautiful. Easily worth the effort to get to the summit's view.

not too bad for a short hike

6 months ago

One of the better marked trails I've been om although there were a couple of times I could see where some people might get off trail. My suggestion would be to keep your head up and an eye out for the trail markers. They are pretty much along the entire trail and very often wherever you at one marker, there will be another within sight.

Some people complain of bugs on the trail. Yes there were some, none of which really bothered me, but just remember your in the woods where bugs often live and maybe the solution is to use bug spray or stay home.

Lots of people hike this on the weekend. It would be odd if I didn't run into someone every 5 mins. At the beginning where you get to choose whether to take the east or west route by the big water tank, I took the east route up and west route down. Found the west route was a bit steeper and the ground was looser. It's also easy to get to bowen lookout from where the east and west routes I would probably stick with the east route going up and down unless you want to check out yew lake.

Overall not a hard hike with exceptionally rewarding views. Moderate is a fair difficulty rating. Weather was great and there didn't seem to be any/much smoke so visibility was prime. It took me 1:45 to summit and 1:20 to get back to the car.

I love this trail! Don't get discouraged by the switchbacks at the start. Once you get past them you'll be rewarded with gorgeous forest and a nice mix of incline and level ground. Fantastic view. Bring water and wear hiking boots - not runners. It does get a bit mucky at the top and you'll thank yourself for wearing them when coming back down over so many slippery roots and rocks. I hauled and made it up and back in just over 3 hours. But keeping a good pace you can do it in 4.

It was the perfect day for a hike. Sunny, 24 degrees. Just the right length; took us 2 hrs up and 1.5 down. Quite challenging in some spots with regards to steepness and terrain. Beautiful views at the top. Smoke cover has lifted. Bugs weren't bad at all. Would highly recommend this hike. But i'd wear hiking boots next time instead of runners. Rolled my ankle a couple times navigating the roots.

7 months ago

Not a bad hike for something short & quick. We were socked in with some welcomed rain throughout so no rewarding views from the top.
Following the loop tracks was better than a back and forth but make sure you actually go to the top as the track we followed stopped at the saddle.

7 months ago


It was a pleasant hike but probably closer to easy/moderate rather than moderate. nice for afternoon out if no time for something more strenuous.

7 months ago

There are a lot of loose rocks, so wear good shoes. Also quite a few black flies bothering us near the beginning of the trail. I love the "secret" lake about half way up where you can take a dip. Really amazing view from the top.

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