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Love this hike little hard at first. But when you get to the top the view is breathtaking. Wow, it's amazing would recommend.

Love this hike. Wow, the view on top it's really amazing. I recommend to everyone.

Trail well maintained- fabulous view at top - bring nuts for very friendly chipmunks!

Very steep climb to begin with. Gets easier after couple of kilometres. We did it today on Wednesday and only ran into a handful of people. The view from the Bluffs is breathtaking. Spent some time there and had lunch. All together with the break it took just over 3 hrs. I would not call this trail hard. I’m not a very experienced hiker but didn’t find it particularly difficult. Lots of roots and rocks and some muddy areas. All in all well worth the effort!

Awesome hike ! If your planning on doing the last peak , bring a rope ! We scrambled up the last peak but completely worth it ! When you get to the sub peak , there will be markers to your left and markers to your right , i would stick to the left , less ice and snow . Much easier to come down !

on St. Mark's Summit Trail

9 days ago

Did this hike on the Saturday of the Thanksgiving long weekend. Started at 9:30 am and made it up by 11:30. I am a very new hiker and not in great shape. Took my time and still made decent timing. The first half is easy as far as the terrain goes but does involve some elevation gain. Super muddy and technical closer to the top and for about the last hour. Poles were a huge help due to the slickness! On a busy Saturday the space at the top is very limited but the views are pretty amazing. Once you get to the top you'll see the main rock to catch a view but if you go back to the trail and continue you'll grab a great view of The Lions and another viewpoint further below. Took a few couple minute breaks and with a half an hour at the top it took me 5 hours. It was very busy on the way down so had to stop a lot to share the trail. Enjoy!! :)

Had an outstanding experience, and the local fauna were more than accommodating.

Yours in good faith,


Amazing views at the end!!

28 days ago

Nice short, flat trail that begins at the ski lodge and runs right along the lake. Take the bear warning signs seriously as we did see a black bear just off the trail.

my first time i scared for my life when i climb that last part but i had so much fun

Took me and a little dog 2 hrs to the top and then 1.5 hrs back to the bottom. Only saw one stream on the way up so bring your own water for the dog. Lots of roots for the second half of the hike so bring good footwear. Not too much room at the top to enjoy the view as compared to say, Quarry Rock. No bugs right now but was windy and chilly.

Awesome trail. Even on a cloudy day the trail was great. Took me two hours to go up, without any stop and three hours to go down, taking my time picking up mushrooms and berries. A bit hard to find the Howe Sound Crest trail at first but once you've find it, it's very easy to find your way to the top. (Tip: Follow Howe sound EAST trail). I highly recommend this one !

1 month ago

This was my first “real” hike.. newbie here.. it was hard but so worth it! We got lucky with the fog lifting just as we reached Eagles Bluff. It gets busy quickly so I suggest going before 9 am.

1 month ago

First, this is not a lightly trafficked trail. I hiked it today with hundreds of others. Ruined it for me. And so many dogs off leash!

But the hike itself is perfect if you’re not looking to commit a full day. Steep and long enough to know you’ve had a workout with picturesque lakes to stop at and a beautiful view from the top.

1 month ago

This trail was awesome but it is very poorly marked. If it’s cloudy or raining I recommend bringing an extra pair of socks and possibly even some gloves—dress warm. The way up the gully was decently marked but once we reached the summit junction we got lost and had to turn around after following the wrong trail. We were soaked and freezing cold but the summit was absolutely amazing, the best I’ve seen in my Vancouver hikes. We didn’t pass a single person on the trail so we had the entire summit to ourselves. The way down was the hardest, we followed a wide, gravel ski run path on the way down for a couple of kilometres until we discovered the T-22 wreckage and moved back onto the Mt Strachan trail. Getting back on the trail instead of following the ski run was a big mistake with how cold and wet we were. The rest of the trail is barely marked at all so we spent most of our time hoping we were on the right path (we relied heavily on GPS/Compass). It’s long and over grown and the markers actually just disappear for several kilometres. They don’t come back until you merge onto the Baden Powell trail along cypress bowl road. If you’re feeling adventurous and not as cold/soaked as we were give it a try but be careful! I will definitely do this trail again but will probably take the more boring (but faster) ski run back down to the lodge.

Took us 6 hours in the rain. Totalled about 11.5 kilometres which is much longer than the estimated distance. I realize this review sounds terrible but I would definitely do it again—just avoiding the second part of the trail on cold, wet days.

This is a world class hike if you do the whole thing. Not easy; depending on access point. its one or two days for the whole thing. But just going to St. Marks is a great half day hikes with views of Howe Sound and Vancouver Island.

cant do until Summer too much snow.

Took me 3,5 hours total including my stop for photos on the top. Really nice hike, some steep areas but nothing crazy in my opinion. I would like to try to run it (or most of it) next time.

Trail was well marked in my opinion, but I have experience hiking trails that aren’t as well marked.

If you want to have a peaceful hike get out there early. It starts to get busy towards noon.

Great reward for the effort.

1 month ago

Beautiful little lake with tons of very hungry little pan sized Rainbow Trout

1 month ago

It’s an awesome workout and easily the most beautiful lake within 45 minutes of down town Vancouver!

I did this hike August 4th-5th, 2018 with my friend. We’re both in our 20’s, no significant pre-existing injuries and both physically active. It’s one of the most beautiful hikes with breathtaking views of the tops of the North Shore Mountains, but the most technically difficult, physically demanding hike I have ever done. (And I am avid hiker, have done the West Coast Trail, Tour du Mont Blanc, and most major hikes in the Vancouver and Whistler areas)

Advice and Safety Tips:
- Recommended (by us and everyone we met) as a 2 night, 3 day hike (Contrary to trail info and reviews that it can be a SINGLE overnight...Heck NO! Not if you want to be able to walk the next day!)
- Magnificent (but gruelling) first day ~9-11 hours
- VERY steep and technical ascents and descents *careful of your footing when wearing a heavy pack!*
- Would be extremely dangerous pre, post, or during a storm (DO NOT CONTINUE)
- On your first day, there is no water until you reach Magnesia Meadows (recommended to camp earlier) after you ascend and partially descend:
1. St. Mark’s Summit (1371m)
2. Unnecessary Mtn (South&North Peaks)(1548m)
3. The Lions Ridge (~1520m)
4. Thomas Peak (1430m)
5. Enchantment Pass (~1380m)
6. James Peak (1466m)
*We camped in the meadow after James Peak*
7. David Peak (1496m)
8. Harvey Pass (~1460m)
- PACK SNOW WHEN YOU SEE IT (treat snowmelt water with Aquatabs)
- James Peak signage is easy to miss (and many people did) *just before the top, look for markers to exit down to the LEFT to save yourself time and effort*
- As a single overnight, option to take Mount Brunswick Trail down to Lions Bay (as we did) 1480m down to 220m over 3-4hrs. Tough on the knees!

- North Shore Trail Map (SAVED US!)
- Bear Spray (hikers saw a black bear near our trail)
- Satellite Phone (would be VERY easy to slip and get injured and be in a dangerous spot fast)
- Hiking poles (NECESSARY for the knees on downhills)
- Hiking boots (especially to protect toes and ankles with weight of a camping pack)
- 5L of water (replenish at EVERY opportunity! Many groups had to hike 2-3 more hours in order to get water, when they were physically DONE)
- Bug spray/bug shirt/bug hat (very buggy in the shade)
- Trip plan! (Especially wherever you park your car: appropriate lot or leave a note!)
- 10 Essentials & proper food, clothing, etc

*In some areas the flagging is inconsistent and you have to keep your eyes peeled for the next marker (mostly after the Lions and on James Peak), for the most part the trail is obvious.
*I have e-mailed BC Parks to address the flagging issues.

Great workout rewarded by beautiful views!
TIPS: follow Howe Sound EAST trail, which includes a steady incline that levels out throughout the trail.
Took us about 2.5 hours round trip with a lunch break at the top.
PS- currently there is a bit of smoke throughout the sea to sky, you'll notice it faintly

Pretty views of the ocean - others may say incredible, but I favour mountain top views. :) Was a straight forward hike and while it had me sweating, I would say it was easier then I thought it would be. We were on the trail by 7:40am to avoid crowds in the long weekend Monday. We had to match our pace for our group of 5 so while it took us 1 hour 45 min up, this was at a moderate pace and included multiple breaks. Coming down the traffic was steady, but not packed. I read previous reviews that had me dreading the crowds and bugs, but it wasn’t bad, definitely space between groups, though I’m sure the mid day crowds had a hard time vying for a view as the lookout area is small. Also, bring bug spray in case, but we only noticed the bugs in the parking lot.

crazy view. cabin lake is awsome

2 months ago

Easy and beautiful hike!! Took us 1.5hrs up and 1 hr down. Only a little elevation in the beginning and it’s pretty flat for a bit. Elevation gets more steep as you go further along. Luckily did this hike around 7am and only a few people were on the trail/top. On the way down there were at least 30+ people going up so start early if you want to avoid the crowds!

Good hike, watch out for the markers on way down as several false trails.
Good workout, next time the lions.
Highly recommend.
Only passed 6 people at most.

2 months ago

The trail starts with a pretty steep path. 80% of the elevation gain is right from the beginning it lasts for the first 1.9km. It would become a pleasant trek with fairly rock and mud along the way. Beautiful small lakes and a huge lake for swimming with a couple of small cliffs to jump from. Stunning view from the top over the horseshoe bay and Vancouver. Definitely bring bug spray with you, or you'll get eaten alive.

Great Hike... We went on a Monday and it wasn’t crowded..

2 months ago

We went here a few months ago and there was some snow on the ground, which made it a bit more adventurous with the slip and sliding around. Even with the snow, I thoroughly enjoyed the hike for its lush environment, the lake you’ll see on the way, and the gorgeous view at the top! On a clear day, it truly is spectacular - you’ll see Vancouver, UBC, the islands, and so much more! Of note, the upfront work during the initial incline is challenging, but go at your own pace and you’ll enjoy it a lot more. Take in the view when you take a break and enjoy that well deserved sip of water. Happy hiking!

A relatively relaxed trail that winds up through lower hollyburn into cypress over the course of 4 hours. The entrance is a bit hard to find and ended up walking up a mountain bike track instead. Regardless, there are enough trails to find your way back. Got little bit confused when passing onto private property but encountered no issues. Solid hike for a hot day with plenty of lakes and shaded for most of the way. One warning; Millstream trail is technically closed due to a landslide but there is a makeshift trail over the washed out area.

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