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We got a bit lost not taking the right turn and didn't manage to do a loop just went up and back because the time we spent lost. Beautiful view, still well covered in snow.

9 days ago

Still lots of snow, micro spikes are recommended with hiking boots

Rookie mistake on my part to not wear hiking boots. Still tons of snow but melting away. Good pair of boots still needed.

Did this hike today. Snow right from the beginning. Not a hard hike, but a beautiful view at the end. If you are looking for a short hike, this is a good one.

Amazing hike along a number of ridges. Gets hot in the sun. Fantastic lakes to camp at.

We hiked this on May 2, 2018 and the trail is still covered in snow but it’s all compact and hard so i didn’t even use my snowshoes or crampons. My hiking shoes was enough. I brought my 9 year old little 12 pounder shihtzu as well and he handled it like a superstar. Cypress is closed for the season now so we used the ski hill to slide down on our asses to the lodge. It was super fun. (Though i advise you to stay on the trail). It was a great day hike. Short but good workout. ❤️

Travel light but bring plenty of water. Prepare yourself for amazing views. No one is overstating when they say the trail is difficult. Did the trail in August 2015

1 month ago

6 months ago

Snow covered now. Good footwear is a good idea. Stunning with the snow.

Love this , can't wait to snow shoe up it, there's whiskey jacks at the top at the lake and they will fallow you up the mountain to...there was many views, don't usually come to cypress but I will Be now.

Beautiful hike, first 45 min is a steep climb, little rocky but once on top beautiful small lakes and views of the ocean and mountains!

Fyi 90% of the elevation gain is right from the get go otherwise a not bad trek. Bring some coffee to sip and stay awhile when you finally get there.

Decided to start the hike at 10pm, and got quite lost, non the less, an amazing starlit sky, and goregous view to wake up to, definitely recommend this bad boy! Bring bug spray! You'll get eaten alive. and stay hydrated

Took about 90 minutes to get to Cabin Lake with a 3.5 and 6 year old... we spent 2 hours to picnic and swim then about 45 min to get down with my husband carrying our little guy half way. Was a steep challenging climb for me and a few spots were pretty slippery with loose gravel coming down. busy trail on a hot long weekend but well worth it!

It was a pleasant hike but probably closer to easy/moderate rather than moderate. nice for afternoon out if no time for something more strenuous.

9 months ago

There are a lot of loose rocks, so wear good shoes. Also quite a few black flies bothering us near the beginning of the trail. I love the "secret" lake about half way up where you can take a dip. Really amazing view from the top.

9 months ago

Great hike. Well marked and fairly busy. Buggy but not bad. Shame about the haze.

Fantastic hike!! Took us about 2.5 hours round trip with my husband and 2 teenage boys. It was the perfect amount of sweat and relaxation. At the top the whiskey jacks ate right out of our hands!

9 months ago

did this track after work 5.30pm on a Monday, it was not very busy at all and we got back by 9pm before dark which was nice. view at the top is amazing, with cute chipmunks and birds. there were sooo many bugs the whoooole way which was extreeemely annoying but at least they don't bite, and there were no slugs which was good, I hate them. if you can get over the bugs this is a perfect half day hike. only muddy in 2 spots so probably doable in runners now.

9 months ago

Very challenging back half of the ascent from the highway to Deeks Lake. Slight scrambling but mostly just very quick elevation gain. Hard coming back down too because of the steepness. I used a pole to help.

No snow on the trail all the way to the Lake. Could see across to a few snow patches and further down Howe Sound Crest Trail, higher up, there was more snow still. Bugs were not bad. Very nice lakeview at the top and this was a really nice challenge that I'm glad I did.

10 months ago

Amazing. The trail up itself is not super nice for the first half, as it's next to a ski hill in the summer, but once you get to the lake it's great, and it's a solid workout if going at a good pace. The view, and the peak itself, is spectacular. One of a few North Shore views I've seen that are just incredible. Bring a baguette, cheese, wine, and book on a sunny day and just find a place to settle.

10 months ago

Went up on July 13th. I super enjoyed the hike, first 1/2 is fire/4x4 road which I found super pleasant. Trail Is more towards challenging being than the elevation gain seems reasonably concentrated (also 40lb pack on) There was still some steep snow on the trail on the other side of lake; I was going to try see how far I could get along HSCT backwards. It's quite steep and crampons would be ideal. I was solo and felt a bit too isolated to push over it in the case I messed up and ended up sliding into the water.

Deeks lake camping area is pretty over grown but still pleasant. No snow beside what was mentioned above

10 months ago

Gorgeous views. Hard on the 50 year old knees. Great accomplishment!

Great hike!

Monday, October 31, 2016

So much to see. Tons of waterfalls on the drive up. Cute little streams and ponds and Cabin Lake is beautiful. Amazing everything. At the top of the mountain, whiskey jacks just nonchalantly landed on my outspread arms!!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

wonderful little trail. Very scenic

Sunday, August 28, 2016

It was kinda cloudy when we went so the lakes looked really cool but there wasn't much to see at the lookouts. The first bit has a lot of traversing uphill but once you're up there it's gorgeous!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

This was an easy trail that can be completed in a very short time. We did this trail in combination with Bowen Lookout Trail. It is a family friendly and dog friendly walk in the woods

nice easy hike, and a great swimming lake at the end. good hike for dogs too.

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